Top 10 Best Computer Courses after Class 10th in 2022

Class 10th board examination is the most important exam for every student. Students do a lot of hard work to get a good score in the 10th board examination.

After giving the 10th board examination students get a good free time period to do some extra stuff. Generally, every board of education takes at least 1 to 2 months of a time period to declare the results for class 10th.

So, students get a good time period to do some short-term courses that can increase their knowledge and skills. You can do these courses Online or Offline mode. You can find many platforms that provide these courses in Online mode whereas to find these courses in the offline market you can just type in google “computer courses after class 10th near me”. You get several institute’s names as a result that you can join.

Many students are wasted their free time just because of they are not aware of these courses.

“The key is in not spending time, but in investing it.”

Stephen R. Covey

Are you recently gave the 10th board examination and searching for good short-term courses to do then don’t worry. In this article, I will discuss the Top 10 Best Computer Courses after Class 10th that are mainly job-oriented and easy to do.

So, without further delay let move on to the list of Top 10 Computer Courses which you can do after 10th class.

10 Best Computer Courses after 10th Class

computer courses after 10th

1. Certificate Course in Digital Marketing

As we all know the world is connecting with digital. Many offline businessmen are connecting their business with the online world. So the demand for a digital marketer is increasing day by day.

Digital Marketing is one of the popular courses in today’s time. Digital marketing is all about marketing any products or services in the digital world. Digital Marketing is one of the best computer courses after 10th.

Let me explain in brief suppose a businessman is selling a product in the local offline market and in one day he realized that the online market has also had a lot of potentials. So, he decided to connect his business digitally but in the digital world one of the most important factors is “Marketing”. Without marketing, it is very hard to survive in the online world. So, businessmen want a digital marketer in their business for marketing purposes.

A digital marketer is a person who knows all about how to market a product or service on the web. Like he knows how to run advertisements on the social media platform, He knows about Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Email Marketing, content marketing, and many more.

You can do this course in Online mode or in Offline mode. Many institutes offer this digital marketing course in the offline market and there are many platforms on the web that offers a certificate course in digital marketing in the online world.

You can join google courses for free and get a certificate from google. Google has offered many courses in Digital Marketing like Fundamentals of Digital Marketing is one of them.

2. Certificate Course in SEO

SEO stand’s for search engine optimization. SEO is a part of digital marketing and the reason why I feature SEO in the list of top 10 computer courses after class 10th is because it is an important process of ranking a website or web page in any search engine. SEO has mainly two types.

  1. On-Page SEO
  2. Off-Page SEO

As we know in digital marketing the traffic comes from various types such as advertisement, sponsorship, referral, organic, and many more but by doing SEO you can only get organic traffic from search engines.

There are more than 4.4 billion websites are indexed on google. According to Search Engine Journal On average, a website gets 70% of its traffic through the search engine. So, SEO is a leading formula to get traffic for free.

It has a lot of scope in the future. By joining the SEO course you get an in-depth idea about how SEO works. Google has already provided Search Engine Optimization Fundamentals course for students who are interested in SEO. You can also do this course in offline mode. Many institutes provide SEO courses.

After completing this course you can start your own blog or website, you can work as an SEO specialist in digital marketing agencies, you can work as a freelancer by doing freelance work. You can also do this in your part-time.

3. Certificate Course in Web Designing and Development

Web Designing and Development is a course about developing and designing a website through the help of programming languages like HTML, CSS, ASP, PHP, JavaScript, etc.

It is a course for those students who are interested in the programming language because it has a course in which you have to know some programming language for designing and developing a website or web pages.

In this course, you will learn about the fundamentals of web designing and development. You will also know about how the backend of a website work, how to build a site in a CMS platform by using domain and server, how to customize a site by using website editors.

Talking about job opportunities, it has a lot of job opportunities. You can become a professional web developer or a web designer in the future by pursuing your future study in the field of web designer and development.

Currently, after 10th you can join 1 to 2 months of certificate course in web designing and development. You can get a basic idea about designing and development which can help you in your future study if you want to study in this field after 12th.

You can get a certificate course by joining any online platform or by joining any offline institutes. Google has offered a web developer course for free. Anyone can join this course.

4. Certificate Course in Graphic Designing

In today’s time, video or graphic content is booming all around the world. Everyone wants video content rather than text content. Graphic content is easy to remember and understandable. A lot of information you can get through a small video. YouTube is a live example for us. YouTube has more than 2 billion of User.

Graphic Designing is a technique of creating visual content like pictures, videos, infographics, charts, diagrams, and many more through the help of Colors, icons, photographs, animation, typography, etc.

Graphic Designing is one of the best computer courses after class 10th for those students who are interested in editing and filmmaking. The future is for graphic content. You can do a short-term certificate course in graphic design.

You would know a basic idea about graphic design after completing the graphic designing course. You can works part-time as a freelancer by doing freelance work. You can find freelance work on the freelancer site.

You can do this course after 10th in both online as well as offline mode. You can do an online course from an online platform or you can do offline courses from offline institutes.

Fundamentals of Graphic Design course by Google. You can join this course and get a certificate from google.

5. Certificate Course in Data Entry

Data Entry is one thing that the majority of people are doing because data entry is easy to understandable and easy to do. One more reason is that data entry work is continuously increasing in the market.

Frankly speaking, data entry is one of the easiest courses in this list of top 10 computer courses after class 10th. I add this course just because it has high demand and you can do this course in a short period of time.

Data Entry is the activity of putting information into any system or device in the form of a Datafile. In this data entry course, you will learn about using different types of software, increasing typing skills, using MS Office, proper uses of the system.

You can do this course in a short period of time. Many institutes and online platforms provide this course in a short period of time. After completing the certificate in data entry course you will find many jobs related to data entry in both governments as well as in the private sector. You will also get data entry works from many freelancer sites.

The government of India provides many courses for students. Data Entry Operator course is one of them. You can join this course free of cost.

6. Certificate Course in Animation and VFX

Animation and VFX is a field that is booming in the future. We all are seeing that animated content is increasing day by day. VFX has a lot of use in filmmaking. In today’s cinema VFX plays a very important role in making an impossible scene. Through the help of Animation and VFX, we could make our imagination into a screen.

Animation and VFX are a part of the graphic world. Animation and VFX is one of the highly popular courses in today’s time. If you have an interest in filmmaking then I highly recommend doing this course because the future is all about animation and VFX.

A couple of years back the majority of the people don’t know about the term animation and VFX but as digitalization is growing the animated content is also increasing and people are familiar with the terms animation and VFX. So it is the right time to pursue these types of courses because there are less competition and high demand.

Currently, you can do a certificate course in animation and VFX after class 10th and get basic ideas about animation and VFX. In this course, you will study the fundamental of animation & VFX.

You can do this course in offline mode through several institutes or you can do this course in online mode through several platforms which you can find on the web.

7. Certificate Course in Programming Language

Programming language means a special type of language that is used to create any software or any function in an operating system. Programming language is also referred to as computer coding because it is a set of code that runs in a system.

Everything that presents on the web has its own code that runs in the backend. Code is a combination of letters and numbers that are written in a certain way so that it became a programming language. There are a lot of different types of programming languages are present.

Programming languages such as HTML, C++, Java, Python, JavaScript, C language, PHP, Swift, Ruby, and many more. In this course, you will learn about the basic programming language i.e. HTML. HTML stand’s for Hypertext Markup Language.

If you want to pursue your future study in the field of Computer Science and IT (Information Technology) then you must do this certificate course in programming language because it can help you in your future. One more benefit of this course is that you can learn programming just after your 10th class.

You can join some institute near your address that provides certificate courses in a programming language or if you want to learn programming language from home then you can join some online programming courses. Google has already provided a programming course for free. The course name is Code with Google.

8. Certificate in Basic Computer Course

Certificate in Basic Computer Course is a study about uses of a computer system in a proper way. To connect with the digital world we need a system along with an internet connection. The computer became a part of our life. Imagine how the development looks like without a computer. A computer is a part of technology that helps to make any task in an easy way.

The computer is used in every sector or industry. So it is necessary to get the basic knowledge about computers. If you don’t know how to use a computer then you must join in any certificate in basic computer course. It can help a lot in your future.

I recommend you to join a basic computer course in offline mode because it is easy to understand. Many institutes provide basic computer courses all you have to just search for any good institute near your locality. You can also do a basic computer course online. You can easily find computer courses on the web.

9. ITI in Computer Course

ITI stand’s for Industrial Training Institutes that provide many vocational training courses to students. ITI also offers computer courses that are termed Computer Operator and Programming Assistant to students. Computer operators and programming assistants are also known as COPA in ITI.

It provides you a basic knowledge about how to use HTML, how to install the software in Windows, iOS, and, Linux operating systems, how to create a good excel sheet, word document, PowerPoint, OneNote, access, and publisher by using Microsoft software.

It also provides you with a basic programming language, how to use different types of browsers, how to use accounting software, how to make a basic website and cybersecurity.

The duration of ITI in COPA course is 1 year. Many ITI institute provides COPA course.

10. Diploma in Computer Science

A diploma in computer science is a 3-year program in which you get a diploma certificate in computer science engineering. Many students who are interested in computer science and want to become computer science engineers after 10th can join the diploma course in computer science. It is one of the best computer courses after 10th.

In this course, you will study all aspects of computers. You will get to know about software and hardware in computers, learn different programming languages, maintenance, and many more.

Many polytechnic colleges provide diplomas in computer science engineering courses. If you want to do a diploma course from a government college then it is necessary to qualify for their polytechnic entrance examinations. You can also complete your diploma in computer science from private institutes.

Note:- It is not a short-term course.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which computer course is best after class 10th?

There are many best computer courses are available. Some of the names of the courses are Digital marketing, SEO, Web designing & development, Graphic Design, Data Entry, Animation & VFX, and many more.

Which computer course is best for a high salary?

Almost all the above-listed courses have a good salary. Some of the course names are SEO, Animation & VFX, and Graphic Designing.


I hope you get your answer from this article. If you have any doubt or query then do comment down below. I will try to respond as soon as possible.

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