High Salary Courses after 12th Science PCM, PCB (2022)

If you are wondering about the high-salary courses after 12th science then don’t worry. In this article, you will check out the detailed list of high-salary courses after 12th science.

Many students take the Science stream after completing their primary education (10th) for further study. While doing secondary education (12th) or after the completion of class 12th students have to decide which field they want to pursue in the future.

Many students thinking for go with Engineering or the medical field, but there are also multiple courses available for science PCM, and PCB students.

In this article, you get to know the list of high-salary courses after 12th science for both branch PCM and PCB. Courses after the 12th list are given below.

High Salary Courses after 12th Science PCM, PCB

high salary after 12th science

1. Engineering

As you all know that engineering is one of the best career options to pursue because, In the engineering field, there are many different types of engineering branches are available (Given Below).

In a developing country like India, Industrialization and The startup culture is growing rapidly so it’s come with many engineering jobs so there is many opportunities but one thing I must say is that whoever takes engineering as a career you should more focus on developing or gaining your skills rather than just completing your bachelor degree.

In a competitive world, just a degree can’t be enough for getting a high-salary job, You have to develop some extra skills for making yourself different from others.

Companies also want or I could say give more priority to those students who have some more skills or knowledge in their respected field.

I. B.E (Bachelor of Engineering)/ B.Tech (Bachelor in Technology)

Eligibility Criteria
  • The student must have qualified for their higher secondary (12th) examination in Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, and English.
  • Students need to clear an entrance examination like JEE (Main+Advance), BITSAT, VITEEE, BCECE, WBJEE, MHTCET, KIITEE, SRMJEEE, COMEDK, etc.

Course Duration:- 4 Year

High Salary Courses after 12th Science PCM
Engineering BranchAverage Salary
Aerospace Engineering10-12 lakh/salary
Computer Science Engineering10-12 lakh/salary
Nuclear Engineering12-14 lakh/salary
Mechanical Engineering3-4 lakh/salary
Petroleum Engineering8-10 lakh/salary
Data Engineering8-12 lakh/salary
Chemical Engineering6-8 lakh/salary
Civil Engineering4-6 lakh/salary
Electrical Engineering 3-4 lakh/salary
Electronics and Communication Engineering5-6 lakh/salary
Top engineering courses after 12th science

II. Diploma in Engineering (Junior Engineering)

Eligibility Criteria
  • The Students must have passed Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, and English in Standard 12th.
  • You have to qualify for an entrance exam like DCECE, PECE, CET, JEECUP, etc for getting admission to Government College.

Course Duration:- 2 Year

Top 10 High Salary Diploma Courses after 12th Science
BranchAverage Salary
Diploma in Mechanical 2-3 lakh/annum
Diploma in Mining6-7 lakh/annum
Diploma in Aeronautical8-10 lakh/annum
Diploma in Automobile5-6 lakh/annum
Diploma in Chemical4-5 lakh/annum
Diploma in Electrical3-4 lakh/annum
Diploma in Textile5-6 lakh/annum
Diploma in Petroleum4-5 lakh/annum
Diploma in Civil2-3 lakh/annum
Diploma in Computer Science1-2 lakh/annum
Top diploma courses after 12th

2. Medical

Medical is one of the highly demanded and tough courses. Many students want to study in the medical field but due to the highly competitive field, only a few of them who cleared an entrance examination can take admission to medical colleges.

In the world or In a country like India the percentage of Doctors or Doctor’s staff is very less as compared to our population.

In today’s world as people were growing or being educated the importance of health care is given more priority.

As people give more priority to their health then automatically the demand for health or medical care is high and after that, the new job rate becomes also high.

There are many high-salary medical courses are available but below you will get the top high-salary courses after 12th science PCB.

I. MBBS (Bachelor of Medical and Bachelor of Surgery)

MBBS is an undergraduate course that provides you with a doctor’s degree to become a professional doctor. It is one of the famous medical courses to become a doctor.

Duration:- 5 Year

Average Salary:- 5-50 lakh/annum

Eligibility Criteria:- Qualified in 12th standard with a good percentage and after that cleared the medical entrance test like AIIMS MBBS, NEET, etc.

MBBS Subjects/Branches
  • Anatomy
  • Anesthesiology
  • Surgery
  • Medicine
  • Physiology
  • Biochemistry
  • Community Medicine
  • Microbiology
  • Dermatology and Venereology
  • Forensic medicine and Toxicology
  • Microbiology
  • Ophthalmology
  • Pharmacology
  • Pathology
  • Obstetrics and Gynecology
  • Orthopaedics
  • Paediatrics
  • Psychiatry
  • Otorhinolaryngology

II. BAMS (Bachelor of Ayurvedic Medicine and Surgery)

Bachelor of Ayurvedic Medicine and Surgery is an undergraduate course that provides a bachelor’s degree.

Duration:- 5 Year

Average Salary:- 5-30 lakh/annum

Eligibility Criteria:- Qualified in Physics, Chemistry, Biology, and English. After that,u you have to crack an entrance test like NEET.

BAMS Subjects/Branches
  • Agad Tantra
  • Charak Samhita
  • Padartha Vigyan
  • Prastuti and Stri Roga
  • Rasa Shastra
  • Rog Vikriti Vigyan
  • Kayachikitsa
  • Kaumarabhritya
  • Sharir Rachana
  • Sharir Kriya
  • Swasthavritta
  • Shalakya Tantra
  • Shallya Tantra

3. Journalism and Mass Communication

Journalism and mass communication is an undergraduate or diploma course that provides a Journalist graduate or diploma degree. You can do these courses after your 12th. Journalism and mass communication is the profession of writing and reporting news in many fields like politics, sports, entertainment, business, and many others.

As the name ”mass communication” itself gives the idea that it is a job in which you have to communicate with a mass no of people through a medium like television, newspaper, magazine, radio, social media, etc.

There are multiple different types of courses are available in Journalism and mass communication. Below you check out the list of courses in journalism and mass communication.

I. BJMC (Bachelor of Journalism and Mass Communication)

BJMC’s full form is Bachelor of Journalism and Mass Communication and it is an undergraduate course that provides a graduate degree. BJMC is one of the popular courses in Journalism and Mass Communication. Others are given below in the chart/table.

Duration:- 3 Year

Average Salary:- 6-10 lakh/annum

Eligibility Criteria
  • Qualified in 10+2 standard with a minimum of 50% of marks in any stream.
  • Some media institute are running their own entrance test and some of them take admission on the basis of 12th percentage. So you have to clear an entrance test either you are going for an institute/college which takes entrance test.
Given Work or You Become
  • Reporter
  • News Analyst
  • Script Writer/Content Writer
  • Video Jockey
  • Photo Journalist
  • Video Journalist
Courses for Journalism and Mass Communication
CoursesAverage Salary
Bachelor in Media Science4-6 lakh/annum
B.A. in Script Writing6-8 lakh/annum
B.Sc in Advertising2-3 lakh/annum
B.A. in Film Making3-5 lakh/annum
B.A. in Mass Media5-8 lakh/annum
Top Courses in Journalism & Mass Communication

II. Diploma in Journalism and Mass Communication

It is a course which provides a 2-year diploma degree in Journalism and Mass Communication.

Duration:- 2 Year

Average Salary:- 3-4 lakh/annum

Eligibility Criteria:- Same as mentioned in Graduate Degree above.

Some other diploma courses after 12th science
Diploma CourseDurationAverage Salary
Journalism1 Year1-2 lakh/annum
Media Studies3 Year2-3 lakh/annum
Diploma in Journalism & Mass Communication

4. Teaching

As you all know teaching is a line in which sharing your knowledge with others is the main work. A teacher is a person who makes or builds an educated society through their knowledge. So it’s one of the best professions to pursue.

The teaching profession is best in all aspects of life like the salary is good, the reputation get from society is also good, and happy life.

If you want to become a teacher then I would say you go with your interest. Whatever subject or niche you are interested you become a teacher in that niche. Don’t think about salary because if you have a command of a niche then everybody wants you.

There are several courses available to become a School/College/university teacher but there is one degree (B.Ed) that you have to do for becoming a teacher.

B.Ed (Bachelor of Education)

A Bachelor of education is a mandatory course to become a professional teacher in a government institute.

Duration:- 2 Year

Eligibility Criteria:- Candidate must have a graduate degree in any relevant field. There are many entrance tests for getting admission to a government institute So, you have to clear the entrance test for getting admission to government institutions.

Average Salary:- 6-10 lakh/annum

High Salary Courses to Become a Teacher

CourseDurationAverage Salary
Diploma in education (after 12th)2 Year2-3 lakh/annum
Bachelor in Physical Education3 Year5-6 lakh/annum
Bachelor of Elementary Education 4 Year5-6 lakh/annum
Pre School Teacher Education4 Year5-6 lakh/annum
Physical Education Program2 Year4-5 lakh/annum

5. Defence

Defence is a good course to do because of its discipline in job life. It has a good salary and respected life. For doing defence courses there are many entrance test is available which are conducted by government bodies. You have to clear one of the entrance tests.

For pursuing defence as a career you have to be physically as well as mentally fit.

I. NDA (National Defence Academy)

NDA full form is the national defence academy which is a defence institute which is located in khadakwasla, Pune, Maharashtra, India.

Services like The Indian Air Force Service, The Indian Military Service, and The Indian Naval Service are in NDA where Cadets were allotted according to their rank.

The NDA entrance examination is conducted by UPSC (Union Public Service Commission)

Average Salary:- 50-60 thousand/month

Eligibility Criteria:- Passed in 12th standard with physics and mathematics with a recognized board.

6. Food Technology

Food Technology is a food science branch in many bachelor’s degrees that deals with the study of production, packaging, preservation, quality management, research & development, etc.

Food Technology jobs are in demand. You can do food technology courses like undergraduate courses or diploma courses to get a professional degree.

Eligibility Criteria:- Qualified in 12th standard with a good percentage and with a recognized board.

Average Salary:- 5-6 lakh/annum (Undergraduate) and 3-4 lakh/annum (Diploma)

Duration:- 4 Years (Undergraduate) and 2 Years (Diploma)

7. LLB (Bachelor of Legislative Law)

LLB full form is Bachelor of legislative law is a 3-year course for the student who wants to become a lawyer.

Salary depends on your law skill, communication skills, analytical skills, and understanding.

Duration:- 3 Year

Average Salary:- 3-4 lakh/annum (New) and 15-20 lakh/annum (Experienced)

Eligibility Criteria:- Students must have cleared in 12th standard in any stream with the recognized board and also have to clear an entrance examination also for taking admission to law colleges.

8. BCA (Bachelor in Computer Application)

BCA’s full form is Bachelor in Computer Application. As the name itself say that it is a study of computer science and its application.

It’s a three-year program offered by an institute in which you study complete details about computer applications like programming, data science, and many more.

Average Salary:- 2-3 lakh/annum (New) and 20-30 lakh/annum (Experienced)

Duration:- 3 Years (Undergraduate)

Eligibility Criteria:- First you passed your secondary education (12th) in any stream with a recognized board. Many colleges take their entrance test so you should qualify for their entrance test to take admission to their college.

9. Hotel Management

Hotel Management is basically a course that teaches about management and hospitality. You can work in hotels or restaurants by doing a hotel management course.

The tourism sector is growing fast then automatically the hospitality sector is also growing then ultimately the hotel management jobs/vacancy are also increasing. It is a good sector to pursue because it has a lot of job potential.

Duration:- 3 Years (Undergraduate)

Average Salary:- 5-6 lakh/annum

Eligibility Criteria:- Qualified in 12th standard in any stream with a recognized board.

10. Ethical Hacker

As people were going digitally very fast the number of hacking cases was also growing fast. To protect ourselves from hackers we need an ethical hacker.

It is a course in programming or coding. If you have an interest in coding then you should definitely go for this course because ethical hacking is in higher demand and it has a very high salary.

Average Salary:- 10-12 lakh/annum

Duration:- 1-2 Years (Diploma for UG) and 2-3 Years (Diploma for PG)

Eligibility Criteria:- 12th passed and UG or PG in Computer Science.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is ethical hacking is a good career?

Yes, it is definitely a good career if you have an interest in programming or coding and it has higher demand in the future.

Which branch of engineering has more scope in the future?

The top 5 courses have a higher scope in future
1. Aeronautical Engineering
2. Computer Science Engineering
3. Electrical Engineering
4. Mechanical Engineering
5. Nuclear Engineering

Which course will give the highest salary?

Engineering and Medical are some of the courses that will give the highest salary.

Which medical field has the highest salary?

The top 5 have the highest salary
1. Surgeon
2. Nurse anesthetist
3. Optometrist
4. Pharmacist
5. Anesthesiologist

What is the highest-paying journalism job?

Top 5 highest paying journalism job
1. Product Marketing Manager
2. Corporate Communications Specialist
3. Public Relation Specialist
4. Communication Manager
5. Digital Strategist

Which law course is best for a high salary?

Top 5 high-salary law courses in Diploma, UG, PG
1. Business Law
2. Corporate Law
3. Trade Law
4. Constitutional Law
5. Criminal Law


Above you get the detailed list or I would say the top high-salary courses after 12th science for both PCM and PCB. I hope you get your answer. If you have any doubts or any queries do comment down below. We will try to respond to your query as soon as possible.

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