Plastic Processing Operator ITI Course Details: Syllabus

Are you searching for the course details of plastic processing operator ITI trade? If yes, then your search is over because you visited the right blog post. In this article, I will share the complete info about the ITI plastic processing operator course. So, be comfortable and read the article till the end.

Plastic processing operator is a job-oriented trade that is delivered all over the nation through the network of ITIs. This course is generally done by those people who have the need for a job because after doing this course, job opportunities are good. It is a short-term course having only 1 year of duration. Also, the minimum educational qualification that one needs in order to enrol in this ITI trade is 10th.

Generally, you will find that most private ITI colleges offer this course and very few government ITI colleges offer this course to the students because the number of students having an interest in this course is not much.

Without any further delay, let’s move toward the different aspects of the ITI plastic processing operator course.

Plastic Processing Operator ITI: Overview

plastic processing operator
CourseIndustrial Training Institutes (ITI)
TradePlastic Processing Operator
Level of CourseCertificate
Course Duration1 Year
Eligibility10th Pass
Admission ProcessDirect/Merit/Entrance Test
Course Fees₹2,000 – ₹10,000 (Government)
₹5,000 – ₹50,000 (Private)
Jobs Salary₹10,000 – ₹15,000 per month

What is Plastic Processing Operator?

Plastic processing operator is a 1-year ITI trade in which students study plastic, thermoplastic materials, injection moulding machines, feeding materials into the machine, making quality control checks on products, matched metal mounding, blow moulding process, extrusion process, reprocessing of plastic, preventive maintenance of extruder, and many more.

In this course, you will be taught practically how plastic products are manufactured and what are the necessary steps to be followed while processing. You will learn about plastic admixtures and materials used in manufacturing plastic products.

Plastic Processing Operator Course Eligibility

Candidates must fulfil these eligibility criteria in order to get admission to this course. Eligibility criteria are as follows:

  • Candidates must have passed class 10th.
  • Candidates should qualify 10th from a recognized board of education.
  • Candidates should get at least 40% in their 10th.
  • Candidates age should be above 15 years of age.

Plastic Processing Operator ITI Duration

The duration of the ITI plastic processing operator trade is 1 year. Every element of this course has certain hours of training for study.

Course ElementHours
1. Professional Skill (Trade Practical)1000
2. Professional Knowledge (Trade Theory)280
3. Workshop Calculation & Science80
4. Engineering Drawing80
5. Employability Skills160

Plastic Processing Operator ITI Syllabus

Professional Skills

  • Identification of safety equipment
  • Methods of housekeeping
  • Use fire fighting equipment
  • Importance of trade training
  • Perform hack sawing
  • Perform filling practice
  • Check overall dimensions
  • Drilling practice
  • Inspect hole diameters with the help of a vernier calliper
  • Tapping practice
  • Dieing practice
  • Verify Ohm’s law
  • Do earthing & test
  • Perform MFI test
  • Perform shear test
  • Perform melting point test
  • Water absorption testing
  • Injection moulding
  • Perform mould setting
  • Microprocessor control & PLC injection moulding machine
  • Preventive maintenance of injection mounding machine
  • Identify pneumatic components
  • Blend required materials as per the recipe
  • Understanding material requirements and planning for material
  • Load pipe die
  • Grind the scrap
  • Straight vacuum forming
  • Drape forming
  • Matched mould forming
  • Arrange heating system
  • Illustrate the fabricating methods
  • Perform screwing the acrylic sheet

Professional Knowledge

  • Importance of safety & rules
  • Linear measuring tools
  • Drilling machine and its types
  • Types of drill
  • Operation is done of drilling machine
  • Introduction to precision measuring instruments
  • Vernier calliper
  • Electrical quantities and their units
  • Types of fuses
  • Introduction of plastic
  • Identification of plastic
  • Injection moulding cycle
  • Ejection system
  • Plunger-type injection moulding machine
  • Microprocessor control and PLC
  • Electrical injection moulding machines
  • Importance of preventive maintenance
  • Introduction about hydraulic system
  • Pascal’s law
  • Faults causes and remedies of product
  • The heating system used for mould
  • Faults, causes, remedies of processing
  • Introduction of FRP
  • The process used for FRP
  • Spray up process
  • List the blow moulding techniques
  • Pneumatic system
  • Stretch blow moulding process
  • Extrusion process
  • Reprocessing of plastic
  • Preventive maintenance of extruder
  • Introduction thermoforming process
  • Straight vacuum forming
  • Inline thermoforming process
  • Rotational moulding process
  • Cycle of rotomoulding
  • Importance of pre-drying
  • Methods of joining & assembly
  • Buffing & sanding
  • Decoration of plastics

ITI Plastic Processing Operator Course Fees

The course fees for ITI plastic processing operator trade mainly depend on college type. If it is a government ITI college then its course fees are comparatively low and if it is a private ITI college then its fees are comparatively high. Course fees for government and private ITI colleges are as follows:

  • Government ITI:- ₹2,000 – ₹10,000
  • Private ITI:- ₹5,000 – ₹50,000

Plastic Processing Operator ITI Job

After the completion of the ITI plastic processing operator course, you can find job opportunities in the plastic manufacturing industry. We all know how much we use plastic products in life. In today’s world plastic is used in the majority of types of products. There are many companies that make products made of plastic, you can apply for jobs in those companies. And as far as the job scope is concerned, in the coming decades, the job scope of this industry is going to be good.

Plastic Processing Operator ITI Salary

The salary mainly depends on the candidate’s skills, qualifications, post, behaviour, and work profile. The average salary of candidates who get a job after qualifying ITI plastic processing operator course is around INR 10,000 to INR 15,000 on monthly basis.

Average Salary:- ₹10,000 to ₹15,000 per month

Plastic Processing Operator ITI Colleges

College NameLocation
1. Government ITI RajpuraRajpura, Punjab
2. Government ITI VisnagarMahesana, Gujarat
3. ITI BilimoraNavsari, Gujarat
4. Government ITI PuriPuri, Odisha
5. Government ITI RourkelaSundargarh, Odisha
6. Government ITI VadodaraVadodara, Gujarat
7. Government ITI Paonta SahibSirmaur, Himachal Pradesh
8. Farmagudi Government ITI FGITINorth Goa, Goa
9. Government ITI PusaCentral Delhi
10. Government ITI GITIJaipur, Rajasthan

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the duration of ITI plastic processing operator?

The duration of the plastic processing operator ITI trade is 1 year.

Can I get a job after plastic processing operator ITI course?

Yes, you can get employment opportunities after completing ITI plastic processing operator course.

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