Report Writing on Diwali Celebration (5+ Samples)

Are you looking for a sample report writing on Diwali celebration in a school or college or locality? If yes, then you are at the right site. In this blog post, I will share more than 5 samples of report of Diwali celebrated in a school, college, and locality.

It is quite possible that you have been assigned report writing homework or you are just looking for report writing samples for practice. All the samples given in this post are valid for all classes, you can get ideas about how to write a report on Diwali from these samples and write as per your requirements.

So, let’s read these below report writing samples one by one.

1. Report Writing on Diwali Celebration in School

Topic: Write a Report on Diwali Celebration in your School.

Reported By “Your Name”

Our XYZ school organized a Diwali celebration program on Date-Month-Year. All the students and teachers were very excited that day. The program started with prayer at 9 in the morning. Our school auditorium was fully decorated with lights, candles, and artwork from eco-friendly products. Various slogans were written on the wall of our auditorium about the cause of air pollution, light over darkness, good over evil, etc. Various programs were presented one after the other by the students, such as a group of students performing a beautiful story drama on the theme “On the return of King Rama to Ayodhya after defeating Ravana”. After that, class 4 students sang several poems on Diwali. A class 10th student gave a brilliant speech on air pollution and how we can reduce it. The students also organized a quiz game, and those who scored high on the quiz got a prize box on the auditorium stage. Honourable Principal of our school sir/madam gave an energetic speech on the topic of eco-friendly Diwali. He/She also requested all the people not to use firecrackers as they cause a lot of air pollution and he/she also told us to use made-in-India products. Lastly, the program ended with the singing of the national anthem.

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2. Report on Diwali Celebration in School

Topic: Write a report on celebration of Diwali mela in your school.

Reported by “Depanshu Soren”

Diwali celebration program was organized with great joy in our school on 12th November this year. On this day all the students, teachers and staff members of the school were wearing new clothes. The entire school campus was decorated with flowers and lights, which made the atmosphere of the school very positive. The program started at around 10 a.m. with morning prayers and lighting of lamps. The MLA of our area was also present as the chief guest in our Diwali celebration program. Many cultural programs took place on the school stage. First of all, the students of the junior class recited a poem on Diwali in a cute and funny way. Everyone smiled and started clapping after listening to the poem. Then a group of students from senior classes present a beautiful drama scene which is based on Ramayana i.e. “When Ram Ji conquers and kills the demon king Ravana in an epic battle and returns to Ayodhya with Mother Sita”. After that, groups of female students presented a beautiful Bharatanatyam dance. Meanwhile, coffee and snacks were being offered to everyone sitting in front of the stage. The crowd of students was thoroughly enjoying themselves and cheering for one more. Then our Principal Sir came on the stage and gave a wonderful speech in which he explained why we celebrate Diwali and what is the right way to celebrate Diwali. Similarly, our chief guest also gave a speech and wished everyone a very happy Diwali.

3. Diwali Celebration Report Writing

Topic: Write a report on Diwali celebration in your village or city in about 80-100 words.

Reported by “Suresh Mandal”

A small festive program of Diwali was celebrated with great pomp in the Panchayat Bhawan of our village. Most of the people of the village were present in this celebration. This program was organized by the Sarpanch of our Panchayat. On this day, the entire Panchayat building and the ground in front of it were beautifully decorated with colourful lights. All the villagers were enjoying a lot and there was great happiness on everyone’s face. Panchayat Bhawan had arranged for sweets and snacks for all the villagers. In this program, our Sarpanch ji also gave a speech on how we can speed up the development of our village and also told about various state and central government schemes. At last, everyone wished each other a happy Diwali and the program ended.

4. Write a Report on Diwali Celebration in your School

Topic: Write a report on Diwali Celebration.

Reported by “Bhupesh Jogi”

Our school organized a festive program on the school premises on the holy occasion of Diwali on 11th November this year. The entire planning, decoration and management of this program was done by the students of classes 11 and 12th of our school. On this day the school campus was decorated with lights, posters, lamps, and different types of beautiful rangoli. This year the students celebrated Diwali in a different way in the school. Students organized many games in which teachers also participated. The students also distributed prizes to the winners of the game. Food stalls were also set up by many students on the school premises, where various types of food items were being provided. Amidst all this, many programs were also going on on the school stage like dance performances, singing performances, speeches and many more. Our school principal sir also gave a wonderful speech in which he said that Diwali brings a lot of happiness in our life and we can learn a lot from the festival of Diwali. He also advised everyone that we should celebrate Diwali by not spreading pollution as much as possible. In the end, he thanked all the students for planning and managing this event.

5. Report Writing on Diwali Celebration

Topic: Report on Diwali celebration in college.

Reported by “Mahesh Babu”

On Friday our college organized a grand festive program on the occasion of Diwali. For this event, all the students and teachers together decorated the entire college with lights and flowers. Everyone was very excited that day and there was a different enthusiasm on everyone’s face. For this celebration, we also invited people from the old age home of our city. Many elderly people came and we all celebrated Diwali with them. We have done various types of performances for elderly people like dance performances, singing, acting, drama, stand-up comedy and many more. Seeing so much for themselves, the elderly people were becoming very happy and some people were also getting very emotional because now they are at the last stage of their life and now they rarely get to see all this. We also arranged food for them and on behalf of all the students, we also gave gifts to all the elders. After doing so much, all the students were very happy and we also realized how much we can learn about life from elderly people. In the end, all the students, teachers and our Principal thanked the people of the old age home for coming to celebrate Diwali with us.

6. Report Writing on Diwali Celebration in your Locality

Topic: Write a newspaper report on the celebration of Diwali in your city last Saturday.

Reported By “Kamlesh Kant”

Last Saturday, 12th November, all the people of the ABC locality celebrated Diwali with pomp and show at the local sports ground. The program started at 7 pm in the night. Many family members living in the locality participated in the festivities with great enthusiasm. Arrangements for everyone’s seating on the field had already been made. Everyone was wearing new clothes and many people had also brought firecrackers to burst in the field. The entire ground was decorated with beautiful lights and man-made diyas. Food and drink arrangements were made for everyone at the ground and many had even brought sweets from their home. Everyone celebrated Diwali by feeding each other sweets and taking blessings by touching the feet of the elders. Many people and children burst crackers and enjoyed it a lot. During the celebration, many members also gave short speeches and shared their positive experiences. The elders wished the children to do well in their studies and also prayed to God for the good future of all. The program continued till 12 midnight and ended.

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