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report writing on flood

Write a Report on Flood

Topic:- Write a Report on Flood due to Heavy Rain in 200 words.

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The Bihar state of India witnessed one of its worst floods in these monsoon months, i.e. July and August. The reason for the flood is being told due to heavy rainfall in the Himalayan part of India and in Nepal, the water level of the rivers in Bihar rose and started to reverse overflow. It was told in the media report that this flood has broken the record of all floods in the coming Bihar of the last century. Due to this flood, around 3000+ people lost their lives in the whole of Bihar and the houses of 20 lakhs people got damaged. And do not know how many animals died, of which there is no record yet. During this disaster, different ministers of the country including the Prime Minister came to Bihar and took stock of the damage caused by the floods. The Home Ministry had also released ₹5,000 crores as a relief package after the floods in Bihar at the same time, the Bihar government also started a donation portal, in which donations are coming from all over the world. For all those who lost their lives due to this flood, the Bihar government has also made a statement of giving 10 lakh rupees to their families.

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