1 Month Courses after 12th (Science, Commerce, Arts)

It is suitable for students to have some skills in the field other than a degree. Having skills in any domain gives you access that you can earn money by working on the basis of those skills. Anyway, in today’s environment, most jobs are given on the basis of skills.

Are you one of those students who have successfully passed 12th and want to enhance your knowledge by pursuing any short-term duration skill? If yes, then don’t worry because you landed on the right web page. In this article, I will discuss some one-month skill-based courses which are mostly done by students who come after 12th science, commerce, and arts stream.

You can learn all these courses online or offline through whatever medium you find convenient. There are many course provider websites available on the internet which offer a large number of courses in various fields. You can simply visit these sites and register yourself and buy your favourite courses.

As far as offline is concerned, there are institutes in the offline market which give you a chance to learn these courses practically. However, accessing and learning the course of your interest is more comfortable and hassle-free on these online platforms than offline.

1 Month Courses after 12th Science

one month courses after 12th science

Certificate in Programming

If you are a person who is creative in nature and think about programming language then basic coding is best for you to learn after completing 12th. Coding is something you need to learn first to become a basic programmer. HTML, CSS, and Javascript are some of the basic and easy-to-practice languages ​​that you can start with. The minimum you need is a mobile/laptop/desktop to learn/practice these languages.

As a beginner, in your first few days, you may feel confused/irritating while writing the code but gradually it becomes easier for you when your code runs and reacts in the front end. You can learn any programming language through any institute or you can learn only by watching youtube videos. Thousands of videos have been made on the programming language on youtube.

Certificate in App Development

This course will be more suitable for students who choose computer subject in their 10+2 as one need to know programming languages ​​to do app development. The advantage of choosing this domain is that App Development is one of the most sought-after and career-oriented courses in today’s era. However, as per the demand app development is mainly of two types or based on two operating systems one is android app development or ios app development.

My suggestion to anyone who is currently in the beginner stage is to first learn the fundamentals of app development and try to create simple projects. The downside of this is that it requires time to become an advanced developer. So if you are short on time to learn a new skill then the next course is perfect for you. Despite this, if you are also eager to learn advanced, then you can do a 3 to 6 months course in Android development.

Certificate in Mobile Photography

Photography is a field where not all but a large number of students are interested. Photography is a field of passion for most people who do photography so they enjoy this work. The popularity of the photography domain among students is increasing day by day. Photography is basically the process of taking pictures or how do you depict any motion in an image. There are many techniques, angles and lighting used in photography.

Professional photography is basically done by high megapixel cameras. Mobile photography is also one such thing and it is trending in recent years as the quality of cameras in mobiles is better than ever. Photography skill does not take much time to learn it just requires some time and complete dedication.

Certificate in Graphic Design

Graphic design is very similar to photography as both are related to photographs/images. So, if one is interested in photography then he/she must be interested in graphic design. Graphic design is the art of making visual images by combining pictures, text, and elements. Infographic is one such branch of graphic design which contain information in the form of an image.

A month is enough time to learn a skill like graphic design. You can learn graphic design from youtube videos or you can buy a beginner graphic design course from a reputed course provider’s website. You can start practising this by using free image-making/editing software.

Certificate in Video Editing

In the last few years, video format information is booming all over the world, and a profession called video editing is growing rapidly among people. If you love to create and edit videos then Video editing is best for you. Video editing is also one of the best career options with high-paying opportunities in today’s time. So, do learn video editing because it helps a lot in your future career.

Along with all the skills, video editing is such a skill that after learning you can easily earn money by doing freelancing work. Even if you have a mobile phone, you can learn video editing using free video editing mobile apps.

Certificate in MS Office

Those who have a desktop or laptop must know about MS Office. MS Office is a combination of many software that comes in the Window Operating System. Word, Excel, Onedrive, Onenote, Powerpoint, Outlook, and Teams are some of the parts of MS Office. These are software that is used almost everywhere. So if you do not know how to use MS Office then you should give priority to learning this course as it enhances your skills and opens up future opportunities.

You can learn complete MS Office using its free web version. All you need is a laptop or desktop as this software only works in the system.

Certificate in Digital Marketing

As digital penetration is spreading everywhere, the way of marketing has also changed a lot. Digital marketing is one of those marketing niches that grow when people use the internet and now we can say that digital marketing is one of the best and most popular methods of marketing in today’s world. If you have an interest in content creation and selling then digital marketing is a great skill you go into.

With the growth of digital marketing, it has emerged as a new industry and people are looking at this industry as a career option. During a month, you can easily learn the basics of digital marketing through free courses or paid digital marketing courses.

Certificate in Computer Basic

A simple computer course for those who neither interact nor use computers in their life. A course in which one can learn about computers, components of computers, the internet, operating system, software, hardware and basic knowledge about computers. This is not a job or career-oriented course, it is a simple and more skill-based course.

This course is perfect for those students after 12th who do not know much about computers as computers are used almost everywhere and in today’s era, it is quite necessary to use computers. There is much such information available in the online platform from which you can easily learn the basics of computers.

Certificate in English Speaking

English speaking is the most common and most searched problem among students. In today’s society, having good English speaking skills makes a person more valuable and of higher status. Apart from this, speaking English also helps in better communication and getting a job in the corporate sector.

There are many students who do English speaking course after 12th, are you one of them who don’t know English now then you can do this course. This course also helps to improve English Grammar. However, I must say that the possibility of speaking English fluently in a month is quite difficult but you can easily learn basic English speaking.

Certificate in General Biology

Science students who recently discover an interest in biology but have chosen the science stream with maths in 10+2 now want to study biology after successfully completing 12th so a short basic biology course is best for them. A basic biology course provides study about the fundamentals of the human body, plants, animals and nature.

Please note that in the duration of one month you get an opportunity to acquire basic knowledge of biology only. Biology is considered to be one of the toughest streams to study. Therefore, advanced and deep biology requires a lot of time to understand.

1 Month Courses after 12th Commerce

1 month courses after 12th commerce

Certificate in Tally

If you are a student who comes from a commerce background then you must know about tally if not then tally is a day-to-day account management software which is very popular and used in almost every industry. Sooner or later it is very important for a commerce student to learn complete tally. Tally will help you in many things in future whether you go into any field of business like finance, management, sales, or economics.

So, a certificate in a tally course is a must for every student who pass-out 12th from a commerce branch. Along with being skill-based, this course also opens the way for job opportunities. As far as learning is concerned, from where you can learn Complete Tally, you can learn Tally for free and you can also learn by purchasing premium courses.

Certificate in Accounting

Accounting is often one of the most important parts of commerce. There are students who love the subject of accountancy and love to do accounting but at the same time, there are students who do not understand accountancy. A fundamental course in accounting after 12th is perfect for those who somehow did not study accountancy in their 10+2. Learning accountancy can help you in your future career and improve your abilities to measure, process and record data in an organized form.

You can easily learn and improve your knowledge in accounting by studying from novice to advanced courses in accounting. There are many institutes in the offline market that offer courses in accounting.

Certificate in Finance

Finance is something that is growing in every aspect. Apart from formal commerce education, people from different disciplines also acquire financial knowledge as the importance of financial education is spreading among people. Finance mainly deals with money and as you all know money is used in every industry. Along with being so skill-based, it is also a job-oriented course.

A beginner to an advanced course in finance will be very useful to you. You can easily find information about finance on the Internet in both text and video formats. So get as much knowledge as you can.

Certificate in Sales

Mastering the art of selling is considered one of the best skills in the whole world. It is also one of the difficult skills to learn as it requires good communication skills, personality, development skills, and psychological skills. Students who want to study about selling should get knowledge of it after 12th commerce and do short term course in sales.

It is a job-oriented skill which opens doors to various employment opportunities if you go for higher studies in this field. But a simple short-term beginner sales course is sufficient to understand the fundamentals of sales.

Certificate in Stock Trading

The meaning and importance of stock trading are spreading rapidly among students. As a result, the eagerness to learn and know about stock trading among students is increasing day by day. Nowadays, many students make their career in stock trading after completing their higher education.

Are you one of those who learning stock trading and want to build your career around stock marketing? If yes, then a beginner’s course in stock trading after 12th commerce is good for you. There are many free and paid stock marketing courses available on both online and offline platforms.

Certificate in Management

Management is an art that many people want to learn because these skills bring out leadership behaviour. Management is also one of the streams in various degree-level courses. So, it is also a career-oriented skill with lots of opportunities. Taking a short course on management is a very good decision for students coming from the commerce stream as it improves your performance in your higher studies.

Certificate in Business Fundamentals

The business makes people independent as compared to 9 to 5 jobs. Many students do not want to do jobs after completing their higher education rather they want to become entrepreneurs by starting their own businesses. Are you one of those people who see their future as an entrepreneur/businessman? If yes, then a fundamental business course is best to start after 12th commerce.

During a period of one month, you can easily understand the basics of the business. However, business is such a skill that the more practical experience you do, the more your knowledge will increase.

Certificate in Microeconomics

At a phase when economics plays a major role in our lives, it is very important to have basic knowledge of economics. I believe most of the students choose economics subjects in their 10+2 commerce. Frankly speaking, if you have chosen economics in 12th then the best option for you would be to do some other course. Well, a basic economics course is enough to bring awareness to those students who do not have the slightest idea of ​​economics.

Microeconomics is a part of economics that deals with the study of small business economics or personal economics.

Certificate in Digital Banking

Digital banking is something that has come up or been discovered recently in our lifestyle. Gradually it has become useful and a new way of doing banking tasks. Since it is growing all over, it also opens up a lot of opportunities. So studying digital banking is a good option for those who have an interest in the banking sector and want to make a career in this field.

Certificate in Data Analyst

In today’s world, data has a very important role in running this world. Many students do not even have an idea that data science is a stream in higher studies and data science is considered one of the most important and valuable fields in today’s era. Students who are more data/facts oriented in nature and also want to get hands-on experience of interacting and playing with data then it is a good option to take admission to a data analyst course.

Content around Data Science is uploading/growing at a rapid pace on the web. So you will not have any problem acquiring knowledge about data analysis, and you can easily complete the basic course of data analysis in one month.

1 Month Courses after 12t Arts

1 month courses after 12th arts

Certificate in Bussiness Administration

There are no such criteria in all the above-given courses that only the students of that particular stream can do it. Basics Business Administration is one of the courses that 12th-pass Arts stream students like to pursue. Business administration is simply managing the resources, time and people of the organization. This course gives you basic knowledge about business and also encourages you to do business.

There are many short-term courses built around business administration on the internet. Just enrol and consume it.

Certificate in Criminal Law

A criminal Law course is something that attracts students interested in law. Criminal law deals with the study of crimes, sections related to crimes, articles related to crimes, and many more. If you want to make a career in law then a basic criminal law course is best for you. There are many platforms in the online as well as offline market that focus only on the study of law. You can enrol in a basic introductory course and take your first few steps towards the study of law.

Certificate in Political Science

If you go for higher studies in the humanities stream then politics is directly or indirectly related in every way. Today there are a lot of students who are taking interest in politics and are aware of all kinds of political news happening at the national level. You may or may not be interested in politics, but a basic course can change the way you look at politics. Also, a political science course helps in many aspects of your higher studies.

So enrol on the fundamentals of political science course and get some knowledge about politics.

Certificate in Basic Journalism

A basic course in journalism after 12th arts is good if you have good communication and speaking skills. I hope you know the meaning of journalism if not then it is the activity of gathering, assessing, creating and presenting news and information. Independent journalism is growing tremendously due to digitization, People are looking at freelance journalism as a new career option.

So if you are interested in Journalism and want to know about Journalism then you can do a Basic Certificate Course in Journalism. There are many institutes in the market which provide journalism education.

Certificate in Teaching

Most of you are well aware of teaching and some also become teachers part-time to earn money or to spread your knowledge to others. Teaching is considered one of the best career options because only knowledge is traded here. So if you have no knowledge about teaching and eagerness to dive into this field then you can try considering a short course on teaching after 12th.

It helps you to get an overview of this field and also gives you a feel for whether it is a good career option for you or not. As far as where you are going to learn from is concerned, many paid as well as free courses are based on learning over the internet.

1 Month Online Courses after 12th

There are many online courses after 12th available in every field on the internet. You can do any course as per your interest. Udemy, Skillshare, Simplilearn, and Coursera are some of the platforms that offer premium courses to paying students. You can simply visit these platforms and consume your interested courses. Some of the areas where these platforms offer online courses are as follow:

  • Python
  • AWS Certification
  • Excel
  • Web Development
  • JavaScript
  • SQL
  • ReactJS
  • Data Science
  • Microsoft Certification
  • Java
  • Machine Learning
  • Microsoft Power BI
  • Ethical Hacking
  • Amazon AWS
  • Digital Marketing
  • Data Analysis
  • Project Management
  • Graphic Design
  • WordPress
  • Cyber Security
  • Photoshop
  • Life Coach Training
  • Stock Trading
  • Fashion Designing
  • Business Analysis

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Which course is best for 1 month?

It mainly depends on your interest. Each course is the best in its field. However, a Certificate in MS office, a Certificate in Tally, Certificate in Graphic Design, Certificate in Mobile Photography are some of the best courses for 1 month.

What is the shortest course after 12th?

Certificate in Sewing, Certificate in Gardening, Certificate in MS Word, Certificate in MS Excel, Certificate in Yoga are one of the shortest courses after 12th.

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