200+ Daily Use English Sentences in 2024 (Updated)

Want to know the list of daily use English sentences? If yes then this post is for you. In this post, you can check out more than 100 daily use English sentences.

These sentences can help in improving your English writing as well as your daily life communication skills. With the help of these simple daily use English sentences, you can easily learn the English language in a small period of time.

Let’s move toward the list of daily use English sentences we talk about in daily life conversations.

daily use English sentences

English Sentences Used in Daily Life (1-50)

1. Hey, How are you?

2. I am fine

3. Good to see you

4. Best of luck

5. Good luck

6. Does everything is fine?

7. Let go

8. Oh god

9. What happens?

10. What is going on?

11. Is all good?

12. I feel much better

13. Be careful

14. I will try my best

15. May I help you?

16. Please make yourself comfortable.

17. Forgive me

18. You are making a mistake.

19. Are you kidding?

20. Not yet.

21. See you again.

22. Follow me

23. How old are you?

24. See you later.

25. What’s your name?

26. Call me back.

27. Could you help me?

28. God bless you.

29. I am tired.

30. I hope you understand.

31. Don’t get angry.

32. Are you ready?

33. Switch on the light.

34. You can go.

35. How dare you say that?

36. Switch off the light.

37. I don’t think so.

38. I don’t have anything.

39. Tell me.

40. I will have to think.

41. Consider it done.

42. What can I do?

43. Think again.

44. I need you.

45. Wait a minute.

46. Don’t talk nonsense.

47. Ask him.

48. Shame on you!

49. What’s for breakfast?

50. How disgusting!

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English Sentences for Daily Use (50-100)

51. I have got a cold.

52. Who knows!

53. As you wish.

54. As you please

55. Who cares

56. I beg your pardon.

57. How come?

58. Let it be.

59. He is tall.

60. Go up.

61. He is short.

62. Get Off.

63. Don’t buy on credit.

64. Good heavens!

65. Touchwood!

67. Doesn’t matter

67. What a bother!

68. What nonsense!

69. What?

70. What a bother!

71. Why?

72. How dare you!

73. Nothing.

74. By god’s grace!

75. It’s not like that.

76. Long time no see

77. Wash your hands.

78. That’s so kind of you.

79. Come soon.

80. Please help yourself.

81. Stop the car.

82. When is the train leaving?

83. Go back.

84. Don’t be so childish.

85. Be punctual.

86. Cheer up!

87. Mind your own business.

88. I am tired.

89. Don’t be late.

90. Are you coming with me?

91. Draw the curtain.

92. I am busy at the moment.

93. Let me go.

94. Don’t move!

95. Should we begin?

96. I just made it.

97. I am feeling hungry.

98. So what

99. Would you like some tea?

100. Yes, please

Daily Usage English Sentences (101-150)

101. Can you call me?

102. You say something

103. I am busy with my work.

104. Don’t joke.

105. Let me live peacefully.

106. I have observed that.

107. Are you in your sense?

108. Don’t fight with me.

109. I will take care of the rest.

110. As far as I am concerned.

111. Do not spin things.

112. You walk away from here.

113. Pack your bags.

114. Open your ears and listen.

116. Do not give him so much freedom.

117. Do not disturb my mind.

118. I decline

119. Don’t take it to heart

120. Did I get you right?

121. Where were you?

122. what’s going on?

123. I am home.

124. I am lost.

125. Do I know you?

126. I am depressed.

127. I quit.

128. See you again.

129. See you tomorrow.

130. Let me take bath.

131. Don’t abuse him.

132. Go to hell.

133. Don’t hesitate.

134. I am proud of you.

135. Don’t be scared.

136. I am glad to see you.

137. I am glad to meet you.

138. It is likely to rain.

139. Hold on.

140. Long time no see.

141. Never mind.

142. Move aside.

143. It’s me.

144. Who’s there?

145. How old are you?

146. Hold up.

147. Please come in.

148. Forgive me.

149. Just wait.

150. Please come here.

Simple English Sentences for Daily Use (150-200)

151. Do not drive the bike fast.

152. Obey the traffic rule.

153. Which one do you want?

154. Wear the helmet.

155. Pick up the phone.

156. He is so skinny.

157. Meet me in a while.

158. Sit on the scooter.

159. Get in the car.

160. Get out of the car.

161. Stop the car.

162. Don’t shout.

163. Don’t do that.

164. Go there.

165. She calls me over and over.

166. Take it, easy man.

167. I was not tired at all.

168. Write the answers to the point.

169. What did you say?

170. I am on your side.

171. Don’t stretch the matter.

172. I am getting late.

173. I am getting nervous.

174. You are responsible for that.

175. You can’t escape from this.

176. Don’t go empty-handed.

177. Catch your breath!

178. I am with you.

179. Summers are about to start.

180. God knows.

181. Good news.

182. Here is your watch.

183. Here is your money.

184. The sky is overcast.

185. My stomach is upset today.

186. I have a headache.

187. Does it matter?

188. What brings you here?

189. My eyes are fluttering.

190. I am full.

191. You prattle a lot.

192. I too think so.

193. Think before you speak.

194. Let me do this.

195. I will come in a while.

196. I will think about it.

197. The entire world knows him.

198. He isn’t worth it.

199. Get into my car.

200. I will pay today.

Daily Use English Sentences for Students in School

  • Bring the attendance register.
  • Where is the chalk piece?
  • Clean the chalkboard.
  • Has the headmaster come?
  • Which period is this?
  • How many periods are there in total in your timetable?
  • Who is your class teacher?
  • What is your class strength?
  • Who is your English teacher?
  • Maths is a very tough Subject
  • Ma’am, my parents want to meet you on Saturday.
  • Have you shown this notice to your parent?
  • The last period was very dull.
  • Teachers are becoming very strict nowadays.

Conclusion: Above you get more than 200+ daily use English sentences. I hope you learn some daily use English sentences from this post. Also, you can learn more by going to the learning category of this educational website. If you have any queries related to the daily use of English sentences then do comment down below.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How long does it take to learn all these sentences?

It depends from person to person. Some people learn fast whereas some learn slowly.

What advantages of daily use of English sentences?

It can improve your English writing as well as your communication skills.

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