List of 100+ Daily Use English Words with Meaning

Want to know the list of daily use English words with meaning? If yes, then this post is for you. In this post, you can check the most common daily use of English words along with their meaning.

This daily use of English words is very beneficial for those who are trying to learn the English language. Also for kids because at their early school level they can start learning English with the help of these daily use English words.

So, let’s read the complete list of more than 200+ daily used English words with meaning.

daily use english words

100 Daily Use English Words with Meaning

Acceptto take or receive
Activateto make active
Addto unit or join
Agreeto have the same views
Alertfully aware and attentive
Announceto make known publicly or officially
Arrangeadjust properly
Assumeto take for granted or without proof
Balancea state of equilibrium or equipoise
Behaveto act in a particular way
Benefitsomething that is advantageous or good
Biteto cut, wound, or tear with the teeth
Blurto obscure or sully by smearing or with a smeary substance
Blocka solid mass of anything
Bounceto spring back from a surface in a lively manner
Burstto break, break open
Carryto take or support from one place to another
Cashmoney in the form of coins or banknotes
Calculateto determine or ascertain by mathematical methods
Checkto stop or arrest the motion of suddenly or forcibly
Celebrateto observe ceremonies or festivities
Challengea call to engage in any contest
Conditiona particular mode of being of a person or thing
Decideto bring to a decision
Deliverto carry and turn over to the intended recipient.
Delayto put off to a later time
Designto plan and fashion artistically or skillfully
Depositto place for safekeeping or in trust
Disagreeto fail to agree
Developto cause to grow or expand
Disconnectto sever or interrupt the connection of or between
Educateto develop the faculties and powers of by teaching
Enjoyto experience with joy
Editto revise or correct
Entertainto hold the attention of pleasantly or agreeably
Enterto come or go in
Estimateto form an opinion
Explainto make known in detail
Exercisebodily or mental exertion
Followto come after in sequence
Fighta battle or combat
Forgetfail to remember
Forcephysical power or strength possessed by a living being
Fishany of various other aquatic animals
Findto come upon by chance
Foldto bend
Frauda particular instance of such deceit or trickery
Glowbrightness of colour
Grabto seize suddenly or quickly
Giveto hand to someone
Gripthe act of grasping
Guideto assist to travel through
Guaranteea promise or assurance
Guessto estimate or conjecture about correctly
Guardto keep safe from harm or danger
Happento take place
Heatthe condition or quality of being hot
Hothaving a high temperature
Hitto deal a blow or stroke to
Harmphysical injury or mental damage
Horroranything that causes such a feeling
Hopea particular instance of this feeling
Hurryto move, proceed
Ignoreto refrain from noticing or recognizing
Imagineto form a mental image of
Improveto bring into a more desirable or excellent condition
Importto bring in from a foreign country for use
Identifyto serve as a means of identification for
Includeto contain, as a whole does parts or any part or element
Indicateto point out or point to
Insultto affect as an affront
Jokedone to provoke laughter
Journeytravelling from one place to another
Jamto become stuck
Judgea public officer authorized to hear and decide cases in a court of law
Jumpto rise suddenly or quickly
Jokera person who jokes
Justifyto show to be just or right
Jugthe contents of such a container
Kettlea metal container in which to boil liquids
Kida child or young person
Kidneya body part
Killto deprive of life in any manner
Kissto touch or press with the lips slightly pursed
Kitchena room or place equipped for cooking
Kindto be good
Kilometreone thousand metres
Levelhaving no part higher than another
Letto allow or permit
Landan area of ground with reference to its nature or composition
Laughto experience the emotion so expressed
Linka bond or tie
Lightsomething that makes things visible or affords illumination
Lovepassionate affection for another person
Liftto raise or direct upward
Memorythe mental capacity
Maintainto keep in existence or continuance
Matcha slender piece of wood
Mistakean error in action
Mixto combine into one mass
Moveto pass from one place or position to another
Motivateto provide a motive
Notea brief record of something written down to assist the memory
Nowat the present time
Naturethe elements of the natural world
Naturalrelating to nature
Namea word
Newspapera business organization publishing such a publication
Negativeexpressing refusal to do something
Objectanything that is visible
Offerto present for acceptance
Operateto work
Opennot closed
Onlineconnected to the web
Officea working space
Oldera person has high age
Parenta father or a mother
Personalintended for use by one person
Peacefulcharacterized by peace
Patienta person who is under medical care
Perfectdefinition of an ideal type
Peacebe normal
Partnera person who shares with another in some action
Quicksable to move with speed
Quicklywith speed
Queenthe wife of a king
Quidsa portion of something
Quartzone of the commonest minerals
Quietsmaking no noise
Quickermove fast
Quietlyin a quiet manner
Resultbe the outcome
Rewardsomething is given for service
Richhaving wealth
Rightin accordance with what is good
Radiowireless telegraphy or telephony
Romancebegin a romantic relationship
Runto move with haste
Roundcircular surface
Stayto continue to be as specified
Starany of the heavenly bodies
Startto begin
Squarea rectangle having all four sides of equal length
Soundmechanical vibrations transmitted through an elastic medium
Smokeas vapour or mist
Sportan athletic activity
Typeset of characteristics
Tryingstraining one patience and goodwill to the limit
Trickan optical illusion
Treea plant having a permanently woody main stem
Travelto move one place to another
Traina connected group of rolling stock
Todaycurrent day
Understandto perceive the meaning of
Unfortunatesuffering from bad luck
Umbrellaprotection from rain or sun
Upsetto disturb mentally
Vacancythe state of being vacant
Vacationa period of suspension of work
Vacuuma space entirely devoid of matter
Voicethe sound of a living creature
Visuallyin a visual manner
Visitora person who visits
Valuerelative worth
Validitythe state of being valid
Walletfolding pocketbook
Whitesnow colour
Weatherthe state of the atmosphere with respect to wind
Weaknot strong
Waterproofimpervious to water
Weeklyevery week
Warrantyan instance of warranting
Watertasteless liquid
Xeroxa brand name for a copying machine
Xraya radiograph made by x-rays
XmasChristmas tree
Xylema tissue in plants
Xylophonea musical instrument
Xenopekind of frog
Xeruslong-tailed African ground squirrels
Ximeniatype of plant
Youththe condition of being young
Yogicperson doing yog
Youngercomparative of young
Yoghurtfood made from milk
Yorkcity in northern England
Yogabody practices
Zebratype of animal
Zooa place where a collection of wild animals live
Zerosymbol 0
Zoneany continuous area that differs in some respect
Zombieundead creature
Zippera device used for fastening clothing
Zigzagone of a series of such turns
Zoommove or travel very quickly

Top 100 English Words Used in Daily Life Conversation

  1. I
  2. so
  3. part
  4. said
  5. people
  6. his
  7. your
  8. them
  9. way
  10. made
  11. as
  12. we
  13. many
  14. number
  15. get
  16. on
  17. all
  18. about
  19. go
  20. day
  21. was
  22. not
  23. up
  24. more
  25. long
  26. it
  27. word
  28. if
  29. look
  30. now
  31. you
  32. had
  33. how
  34. time
  35. oil
  36. in
  37. or
  38. she
  39. him
  40. call
  41. a
  42. have
  43. each
  44. make
  45. water
  46. of
  47. be
  48. use
  49. her
  50. than
  51. they
  52. can
  53. these
  54. could
  55. may
  56. with
  57. when
  58. then
  59. no
  60. come
  61. are
  62. were
  63. out
  64. see
  65. did
  66. for
  67. what
  68. other
  69. write
  70. down
  71. he
  72. but
  73. will
  74. two
  75. find
  76. that
  77. by
  78. their
  79. has
  80. its
  81. is
  82. one
  83. do
  84. into
  85. who
  86. to
  87. from
  88. which
  89. like
  90. been
  91. and
  92. this
  93. an
  94. would
  95. first
  96. the
  97. at
  98. there
  99. some
  100. my

Daily Use English Words for Students

  • Absence
  • Academic
  • Boundary
  • Borrow
  • Characteristic
  • Dialogue
  • Embrace
  • Foreign
  • Generate
  • Highlight
  • Incorporate
  • Justify
  • Knowledge
  • Language
  • Margin
  • Neighbourhood
  • Obligation
  • Portray
  • Qualify
  • Refused
  • Scream
  • Tactic
  • Undergo
  • Violation
  • Weather
  • Yell
  • Zone

Simple English Words for Daily Use

  • act
  • add
  • agree
  • age
  • ask
  • art
  • away
  • buy
  • boy
  • bad
  • best
  • blue
  • bed
  • car
  • can
  • care
  • cake
  • corn
  • coin
  • cold
  • city
  • cry
  • cut
  • dry
  • day
  • four
  • home
  • happy
  • help
  • key
  • ice
  • oil
  • of
  • our
  • out
  • run
  • silly
  • tea
  • week
  • you
  • zoo


Above you get the list of daily use English words, I hope you get your answer from this post. If you have any queries then do comment down below.

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