Diary Entry Format 2022: Diary Writing, Topics, Examples

Are you confused about how to write a diary entry or diary writing? If yes, and browsing the format of diary entry then don’t worry because you’ve landed at the right place. In this blog post, I will share the complete diary entry format which is valid for class 6, class 7, class 8, class 9, and class 10. However, the word limit for diary entries may increase with the increase in class.

Keeping a diary has been a regular practice with many great people in the past. Diary writing is a brief and personal type of writing. It is written in an intimate tone and style. Sometimes diary is addressed as “Dear Diary”. Anne Frank, the famous teenager whose diary – “The Diary of a Young Girl,” – has become world-famous, addresses the diary as “Dear Kitty” as if the diary were a close friend. It is, however, not essential to address it.

diary entry format

What is Diary Entry?

It is a type of personal diary consisting of a number of pages in which each page is arranged according to the date and time it was written. On each page of the diary entry, the author writes about his Feelings, Emotions, Thoughts, Memories, Activities, Daily Life Incidents according to the date and time. Even diary writing involves the cutting of pictures and newspapers according to the event concerned.

How to Write a Diary Entry

  1. First, write the name of the day.
  2. After that, write the date including the month and year.
  3. Write relevant time according to your content.
  4. Then salutation (Dear Diary).
  5. Write the body of the diary in short and simple language.
  6. Last, after finishing your body writing, write your name or put your signature.

Format of Diary Entry

Day, Full Date


Salutation (Dear Diary),


Points to Remember

  • The date and day must be mentioned, preferably at the top left-hand corner.
  • Contents of the diary should be brief, without ambiguity.
  • The description may be detailed or telegraphic.
  • Entries should look real and natural.
  • One’s own reaction to the situation should be made clear.
  • Do not exceed the limit of 150 words.

Diary Writing Examples

Example 1:- You are Kanta/Raman. You have experienced an unusually happy day in your life. Record your feeling in a diary entry in about 100 words.

Thursday, 20th May 20__

9:00 p.m.

Dear Diary,

When I got up at 6, it seemed to be just like any other day, dull and hot. But at about 9, I got a call from my friend-I’s topped my class in the annual examination. I could not believe my ears. At 12 o’clock, I got a parcel from my uncle who lives in America. When I opened the parcel I could not believe my eyes. Uncle has sent me a beautiful digital camera. He knows my passion for photography. I think God has blessed me in many ways. I think him for all that I have got and I’ll get.

Raman Kumar

Example 2:- You dislike the behaviour of some of your friends. Write a diary entry about your feelings in about 120 words.

Monday, 4th January 20__

9:00 p.m.

Dear Diary,

Today I feel quite sad! Rohit annoyed me greatly today by pushing me in the playground for no reason. I fell down and might have got a fracture. But luckily, I got no injury. Rohit is becoming aggressive day by day. Then there is Sohan. He is always abusive. He does not even spare his teachers. He calls them names, of course, in their absence. I feel very bad about it, but am helpless. I do not like Satinder also. He is very mischievous. I think Raman is the best of all my friends. He is well-behaved and cultured. I cherish his company. I feel I should avoid ill-mannered friends. They might land me in trouble one day.

Raju Raj

Example 3:- You are Rohit/Suman who has recently joined a boarding school. You have been able to make a few friends. Record your feelings about them in a diary entry in not more than 100 words.

Tuesday, 11th June 20__

9:00 p.m.

Dear Diary,

Just a week ago, I was feeling terribly lonely. Now, I have made a few friends who provide good and cheerful company. Sudha is, I think, a trustworthy friend. She is a day scholar, but she finds time to give me company for some time in my hostel room. Ramini is another friend who is my next-door neighbour in the hostel. She is fond of gossiping. I like her company. We go to the mess together to have our lunch and dinner. Komal is another day-scholar who is one year senior to me. I like her encouraging nature.


Diary Entry Topics

1. About car driving experience for the first time.2. Going for a dream family vacation.
3. Morning run with friends.4. Accident with cycle.
5. Participate in school a program.6. You read your favourite book.
7. Playing with your dog.8. Favourite day of the week and why?
9. Getting an invitation from your uncle to spend some holidays with him in Shimla.10. What scares you the most?
11. Talk about your favourite sport.12. Watched your favourite movie.

Diary Entry Questions

Q1. On getting a birthday gift you feel very happy. Express your feeling in a diary entry.

Q2. Last week you went out with your family and dined at a famous restaurant in your city. You were taking your meals when all of a sudden your eyes fell on your favourite cine-star. You went to him/her and had a good talk with him/her. You were beside yourself with happiness. Write a diary entry expressing your feelings.

Q3. Your father has scolded you for wasting a lot of time playing with your friends. You realize your mistake. Describe your feelings in a diary entry.

Q4. You have a very bad experience of going to school on a rainy day in winter. Record your feeling in a diary entry.

Q5. You find your mother all the time busy with domestic chores. You decide to help her. Write about it in a diary entry in not more than 150 words.

Q6. Write a diary entry on how you spent your day during the lockdown.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How many words are in a diary entry?

From the examination point of view, 100 to 120 words are good for diary entry writing.

How to start a diary entry?

The Diary entry starts with the day and completes the date after that time.

How to end a diary entry?

Diary entries end with either name or signature.

What is the format of diary entry?

A short and simple format for diary entry is
Day, Complete Date

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