How to Join RAW in India? Process, Age Limit, Eligibility

If you are fascinated by agent/spy-type jobs and want to become an undercover agent or an officer in the RAW agency then I believe you already know about the top intelligence agencies like RAW, CIA, Mossad, M16, GRU, etc.

RAW is one of the premier external intelligence agencies in India. It is a secret department that rises in popularity when several films and documentaries have been made on RAW in recent years.

After the popularity of RAW, Many young youths have dreamed of becoming an officer in RAW but very few of them are eligible to become an officer because it is an extremely difficult and vast process to pass through.

It is not easy to get a job in Research and Analysis Wing (RAW) as there is no direct process through which you can join RAW. The recruitment process in RAW is being done by the higher authority of RAW to only those people who are capable of doing all the work required to become an officer in RAW. Generally, RAW officers are selected from the Police Department, Administrative Services, Defense Sector, Intelligence Units etc.

What is Research and Analysis Wing (R&AW)?

The RAW stand’s for Research and Analysis Wing an external intelligence agency of India. It was formed on 21 September in the year 1968. The work of RAW is to get intelligence information about other countries, especially India’s neighbouring countries so that it can prevent future threats to India, make appropriate policies accordingly, make international relations, solve international problems using diplomacy, and much more.

If India is in danger from any country or any terrorist group in any way, then the work of neutralizing it silently is also done by RAW.

RAW is headed by the Secretary of the Cabinet Secretariat which comes under the authority of the Prime Minister of India. RAW is an independent body that does not require parliamentary oversight. RAW agents are spread across the world in many countries and performing their duty.

As far as the missions are concerned, RAW has done a lot of missions so far, many of which are publicly known such as Operation Kahuta, Operation Meghdoot, Operation Cactus, Operation Leech, and Snatch Operation, Operation Chanakya, etc.

Eligibility to Join RAW

Candidates who want to join Research and Analysis Wing must have Indian citizens and should not have any criminal background. Also, Candidates should not have any drug addiction. Some of the educational qualifications that candidates have to full fill are as follow:

Educational Qualification

  • Candidates must have graduated from a reputed government-recognized university.
  • Candidates must know one foreign language.
  • Candidates should have sharp memory power.
  • Candidates should have good communication skills.

Age Limit to Join RAW

The candidate’s age should be less than 56 years and should have served 20 years of service in any sector.

How to Become RAW Agent?

There is no direct recruitment process to become a RAW agent. If you want to become a raw agent then my suggestion is to first make a goal to clear the UPSC civil services exam because the chances of joining RAW are high after you become a civil servant and gain a lot of experience.

As I said earlier the recruitment in RAW is done by the higher officials of RAW. So, they have an eye on every department. In whichever department they notice that there is such a person who is worth becoming a RAW agent, then he/she is offered to join RAW.

RAW recruits officers from the armed forces, civil servants (IAS, IPS, IRS), computer expert students, police departments, disaster management departments, etc. So, there is no process to get into RAW directly. You can go to any of the above departments.

After that, If you are worth enough to become a RAW agent then RAW will come to you and recruit you. If you want to become a RAW agent then this is a simple and precise thing you should know.

RAW Agent Salary

The salary of a RAW agent is varied on many factors such as experience, work profile, how long have you been as an agent, etc. On average a Grade-A level officer gets Rs 80,000 to Rs 1,50,000 per month.

Average RAW Salary:- ₹80,000 to ₹1,50,000 per month.

Posts in RAW

SecretaryGroup A Officers
Special Secretary/Additional SecretaryGroup A Officers
Joint SecretaryGroup A Officers
Deputy SecretaryGroup A Officers
Senior Field OfficerGroup A Officers
Field OfficerGroup B Officers
Deputy Field OfficerGroup B Officers
Assistant Field OfficerGroup C Officers
Source – Wikipedia

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can girls candidates join RAW?

Yes, both boys and girls candidates join RAW.

Can I directly join RAW?

No, there is no direct recruitment process through which you can join RAW.

What is the full form of R&AW?

The full form of R&AW is the Research and Analysis Wing.

What is the salary of a RAW agent?

The average salary of a RAW agent is 80,000 to 1,20,000 monthly in INR.

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  1. As per my knowledge, To join RAW all you need is the recommendation from a former RAW AGENT which has completed his or her 5years of service. Most preferable is to have the knowledge of a foreign language or to be an expert in IT sector. Qualification may range from 10 standard to anything higher.


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