List of Arts Subjects in 12th Class with Syllabus – Guide

Are you an arts stream student? and Searching for arts subjects list for 12th then don’t worry you are in a right place. Here In this article, I will provide the list of arts subjects for class 12th along with their syllabus.

The below arts (Humanities) subjects syllabus is based on the latest NCERT updates. There are a lot of students who are studying in school that are affiliated with the CBSE Board, State board, ICSE board, etc.

Arts or humanities is one of the popular streams among students. A lot of students take the arts (Humanities) stream as they want to go into civil services. A lot of students who have an interest in humanities/arts have to prefer to take the arts branch after 10 classes.

Arts Subjects in 12th

There are a lot of subjects that come under the arts stream. Different board of education has different mandatory subjects and optional subjects. So, In this blog, I will provide the majority of subjects that come under the arts stream in 12th. Some of the subjects are compulsory in some boards of education. So, you can relate according to your board.

Arts Subjects List with Syllabus

1. History

History subjects are one of the popular subjects among students. A lot of students have an interest in historical subjects. You can gain a lot of knowledge by reading history. In this subject, you will get to know about World history, Indian history, Demographic history, and many other historical events.

Note:- Different books may have different chapter names.

1. Bricks, Beads, and Bones (The Harappan Civilisation)
2. Kings, Farmers, and Towns (Early States and Economies)
3. Kinship, Caste, and Class (Early Societies)
4. Thinkers, Beliefs, and Buildings (Cultural Developments)
5. Through The Eyes of Travellers (Perceptions of Society)
6. Bhakti-Sufi Traditions (Changes in Religious Beliefs and Devotional Texts)
7. An Imperial Capital: Vijayanagara
8. Peasants, Zamindars, and the State (Agrarian Society and the Mughal Empire)
9. Kings and Chronicles (The Mughal Courts)
10. Colonialism and the Countryside (Exploring Official Archives)
11. Rebels and The Raj (1857 Revolt and Its Representations)
12. Colonial Cities (Urbanisation, Planning, and Architecture)
13. Mahata Gandhi and The Nationalist Movement (Civil Disobedience and Beyond)
14. Understanding Partition (Politics, Memories, Experiences)
15. Framing the Constitution (The Beginning of a New Era)

2. Geography

Geography is a study of human life and their environment on the earth. In class 12th you will about the different aspects of earth and humanities like different types of resources. You will also get to know about agriculture, population, transport, energy, development, and many more related to earth’s and nature.

I. Fundamentals of Human Geography

1. Human Geography (Nature and Scope)
2. The World Population (Distribution, Density, and Growth)
3. Population Composition
4. Human Development
5. Primary Activities
6. Secondary Activities
7. Tertiary and Quaternary Activities
8. International Trade
9. International Trade
10. Human Settlements

II. India People and Economy

1. Population: Distribution, Density, Growth, and Composition
2. Migration; Types, Causes, and Consequences
3. Human Development
4. Human Settlements
5. Land Resources and Agriculture
6. Water Resources
7. Mineral and Energy Resources
8. Manufacturing Industries
9. Planning and Sustainable Development in Indian Context
10. Transport and Communication
11. International Trade
12. Geographical Perspective on Selected Issues and Problems

3. Economics

Economics is the study of goods, services, production, and consumption. Economics is one of the popular subjects among students who are interested in the business field. In these subjects, you will learn about accounting, finance, banking, government budget, trade, communication, consumer behaviour, etc. In class 12th economics subject is divided into two types.

I. Macro Economics

1. Introduction to Macro Economics
2. National Income Accounting
3. Money and Banking
4. Determination of Income and Employment
5. Government Budget and the Economy
6. Open-Economy Macroeconomics

II. Micro Economics

1. Introduction to Micro Economics
2. Theory of Consumer Behaviour
3. Production and Costs
4. The Theory of the Firm under Perfect Competition
5. Market Equilibrium
6. Non-competitive Markets

4. Political Science

Political science is a subject all about politics. In this subject, you will study different aspects of politics. How an election process is done, what is parliament, how local government and central government work together, who is a governor and what it has power, human rights, equality, and many more.

Contemporary World Politics

1. The Cold War Era
2. The End of Bipolarity
3. US Hegemony in World Politics
4. Alternative Centres of Power
5. Contemporary South Asia
6. International Organisations
7. Security in the Contemporary World
8. Environment and Natural Resources
9. Globalisation

Politics In India Since Independence

1. Challenges of National Building
2. Era of One-Party Dominance
3. Politics of Planned Development
4. India’s External Relations
5. Challenges to ad Restoration of the Congress System
6. The Crisis of Democratic Order
7. Rise of Popular Movements
8. Regional Aspirations
9. Recent Development in Indian Politics

5. Psychology

Psychology is the study of the human mind and behaviour. In this subject in class 12th, you will study how the human mind works in a different situation, how human being gets feeling, and how humans get through stress, anxiety, depression, and tension. In these subjects, you will learn how to deal with a person which is going through depression, anxiety, stress, and tension. A person who deals with these types of people is termed a psychologist.

1. Variations in Psychological Attributes
2. Self and Personality
3. Meeting Life Challenges
4. Psychological Disorders
5. Therapeutic Approaches
6. Attitude and Social Cognition
7. Social Influence and Group Processes
8. Psychology and Life
9. Developing Psychological Skills

6. Sociology

Sociology is a study of human social life and social behaviour. Some of the schools prefer these subjects in a compulsory subject list. In this subject, you will learn what is a social life and its importance. A different aspect of society or network.

I. Indian Society

1. Introducing Indian Society
2. Demographic Structure & Indian Society
3. Social Institutions Continuity and Change
4. Market as a Social Institution
5. Pattern of Social Inequality and Exclusion
6. Challenges of Cultural Diversity
7. Suggestions for Project Work

II. Change and Development in Indian Society

1. Structural Change
2. Cultural Change
3. The Story of Democracy
4. Change and Development in Rural Society
5. Change and Development in Industrial Society
6. Globalization and Social Change
7. Mass Media and Communications
8. Social Movements

7. Physical Education

Physical education is a study of health and fitness. Many students take physical education as an optional subject in his 10+2. In physical education subjects, you will learn about different kinds of exercises, yoga, sport, diet, food habit, etc. You will also learn about mental fitness and the importance of nutrition in the human body.

1. Planning in Sports
2. Sports & Nutrition
3. Yoga & Lifestyle
4. Physical Education & Sports for CWSN
5. Children & Women in Sports
6. Test & Measurement in Sports
7. Physiology & Injuries in Sports
8. Biomechanics & Sports
9. Psychology & Sports
10. Training in Sports

8. English

In class 12th English you will study literature, poem, and drama. There are also novels in class 12th. You can choose your interested novel in class 12th. Students who are interested in story reading can take English. However English subject is a compulsory subject in the majority of Education Board.


1. The Last Lesson1. My Mother at Sixty-Six
2. Lost Spring2. An Elementary School Classroom in a Slum
3. Deep Water3. Keeping Quiet
4. The Rattrap4. A Thing of Beauty
5. Indigo5. A Roadside Stand
6. Poets and Pancakes6. Aunt Jennifer’s Tigers
7. The Interview
8. Going Places


1. The Third Level
2. The Tiger King
3. Journey to the End of the Earth
4. The Enemy
5. Should Wizard Hit Mommy
6. On the Face of It
7. Evans Tries an O-level
8. Memories of Childhood

9. Philosophy

Philosophy is a study about thinking in a different way in life or I say looking at life in a different manner. It is an optional subject in 10+2. In this subject you will learn different aspects of life, you will figure out what is time, thought, imagination, knowledge, etc. Philosophy is one of the subjects that change the way of thinking in life if you study this subject.

1. Methods of Natural and Social Sciences
2. Observation and Experiment
3. Science and Hypothesis
4. Mill’s Methods of Experimental Inquiry
5. Nyaya Theory of Knowledge
6. The Nature and Scope of Logic
7. Terms and Propositions
8. Categorical Syllogism
9. Elements of Symbolic Logic
10. Buddhist Formal Logic: Theory of Anuman

10. Mathematics

Mathematics is the subject of numbers and variables. A lot of students have an interest in Math and take mathematics subjects in 10+2. Mathematics is one of the popular subjects all around the world. A lot of problems were solved with the help of math formulas. It is also known as the subject of formulas.

1. Relations and Functions
2. Inverse Trigonometric Functions
3. Matrices
4. Determinants
5. Continuity and Differentiability
6. Application of Derivatives
7. Integrals
8. Application of Integrals
9. Differential Equations
10. Vector Algebra
11. Three Dimensional Geometry
12. Linear Programming
13. Probability

Other Subjects in Arts 12th

These are optional subjects.

  • Home Science
  • Informatics Practices
  • Computer Science
  • Fine Arts
  • Music
  • Multimedia
  • Mass Communication
  • Journalism
  • Fashion Design
  • Interior Design
  • Animation
  • Tourism
  • Photography
  • Law

Language Learning Subject

BodoBhutiaBahasa Melayu

What to do after 12th Arts?

  • You can do diploma courses or ITI courses.
  • You can do professional courses in the arts stream after 12th.
  • You can join in polytechnic courses.
  • You can start preparation for the government as well as private competitive examination.
  • You can do computer courses.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many subjects are there in arts stream?

In class 12th, there is a lot of subjects that comes under arts stream in which five of the subjects are core compulsory subjects.

Which subject is best in 12th arts?

1. History
2. Geography
3. Economics
4. Political Science
5. Sociology

Is arts subject are easier than science subject?

Generally, If you have an interest in arts then arts subjects are easier than science subjects for you.

What are the benefit of taking arts stream?

You will study the subject of history, geography, economics, political science, sociology, etc. If you want to go into civil services then arts subject is very helpful for you.

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