Arts Subjects in Class 11th for 2023-24

Are you looking for an Arts subject’s name for class 11th then don’t worry. In this blog, you will check out the list of Arts Subjects in Class 11th and their basic info.

There are a lot of students who take arts or humanities after 10th. There are many students who take arts stream after 10th but they don’t know the all subjects name which comes under arts stream. The arts stream covers many subjects. In India, there are a lot of boards of education that are present like the CBSE board. Every board of education provides regulations regarding subjects. The different board has different mandatory and optional subjects in class 11th art.

Arts or Humanities is one of the streams that have many career options after 12th.

Below I provide you with the majority of the Arts subject name for class 11th.

CBSE Class 11 Arts Syllabus 2023-24

1. History

As we all know that history is the main subject that comes under the arts stream. History is one of the popular arts subject in class 11th In this subject in class 11th, you will know about the time of civilization to the freedom of the nation from the British. You will also know about world history and Industrial Revolutions.

Some of the main topic that gives you a higher score in results.

1. Introduction to World History
A. Early Societies
2. Introduction
3. From the Beginning of Time
4. Early Cities
B. Empires
5. Introduction
6. An Empire Across Three Continents
7. Central Islamic Lands
8. Nomadic Empires
C. Changing Traditions
9. Introduction
10. Three Orders
11. Changing Cultural Traditions
12. Confrontations of Cultures
D. Paths to Modernization
13. Introduction
14. The Industrial Revolution
15. Displacing Indigenous People
16. Paths of Modernization

2. Geography

Geography is a subject that deals with the study of our Environment. You will get to know about all aspects of the earth’s environment like you will study Rivers, Mountains, land, Plateau, Earth Materials, and many more. The subjects geography come under the list of best arts subject in class 11th.

Some of the topics that give you a higher score in results.

A. Fundamentals of Physical Geography
1. Geography as a discipline
2. The Earth
3. Landforms
4. Climate
5. Water (Oceans)
6. Life on the Earth
B. India – Physical Environment
7. Introduction
8. Physiography
9. Climate, Vegetation, and Soil
10. Natural Hazards and Disasters

3. Political Science

In class 11th Political Science is a subject that provides you with knowledge about politics like local politics, state politics, national politics, and international politics. You will also study Political Theory and Indian Politics. Those students who have an interest in politics may like political science subjects in class 11th.

Some of the topics that give you a higher score in results.

A. Indian Constitution at Work
1. Philosophy of the Constitution
2. Right of the Indian Constitution
3. Election and Representation
4. Executive
5. Legislature
6. Judiciary
7. Federalism
8. Local Governments
9. Constitution as a Living Document
B. Political Theory
10. Political Theory: An Introduction
11. Freedom
12. Equality
13. Social Justice
14. Rights
15. Citizenship
16. Nationalism
17. Secularism
18. Peace
19. Development

4. Psychology

Psychology is the study of the human mind and behaviours. You will get to know about the basic ideas and methods in psychology. It is one of the popular arts subject in class 11th among students who want to become a psychologist.

Some important topics in psychology subjects in class 11th.

1. What is Psychology?
2. Methods of Enquiry in Psychology
3. Bases of Human Behavior
4. Human Development
5. Sensory, Attentional and Perceptual Process
6. Learning
7. Human Memories
8. Thinking
9. Motivation and Emotion

5. Mathematics

You may take mathematics in class 11th. Students who have an interest in mathematics can take mathematics subjects in class 11th. Some of the portion of Mathematics.

1. Sets and Functions
2. Algebra
3. Coordinate Geometry
4. Calculus
5. Statistics and Probability

6. Sociology

Sociology is a study of human social life and social behaviour. You will know about the importance of social life and communication skills. Sociology is an optional subject in class 11th.

The topic comes under Sociology Subjects in Class 11th.

A. Introducing Sociology
1. Sociology, Society and Its Relationship with other Social Sciences
2. Basic Concepts and Their use in Sociology
3. Understanding Social Institutions
4. Culture and Socialization
5. Doing Sociology: Research Methods
B. Understanding Society
6. Social Structure, Stratification, and Social Processes in Society
7. Social Change and Social Order in Rural and Urban Society
8. Environment and Society
9. Introducing Western Sociologists
10 Indian Sociologists

7. Philosophy

Philosophy is a study of imagination and thinking power. Creative students like these philosophy subjects in class 11th. Philosophy is an optional subject but it is one of the popular optional arts subjects in 11th class.

1. Indian Theories of Knowledge (Epistemology)
2. Western Theories of Knowledge (Epistemology)
3. Principles of Reasoning (Logic)

8. Human Rights and Gender Studies

From the name Human Rights and Gender Studies, we get the idea that it is a study of human rights. In this subject, you get to know that In our society everyone has equal freedom of rights and gender equality.

1. Introduction to Human Rights
2. Essential Rights for Human Development
3. Redressal Mechanisms
4. Introduction to Gender Studies
5. Challenging Gender Stereotyping
6. Studying Redressal Mechanisms

9. Information of Technology

Information of Technology is a computer-based subject that deals with the study of hardware and software. You will study the operating system, programming language, computer hardware part, and many more.

1. Computer Fundamentals
2. Programming Methodology
3. Introduction to Python/C++
4. Programming with Python/C++

10. Economics

Economics is one of the popular subjects in class 11th Commerce. You can also take economics in the Arts stream. Economics is one of the popular arts subject in class 11th Economics is a study of goods and services, profit and loss, finance, budget, etc.

A. Microeconomics
1. Introduction
2. Consumer Equilibrium and Demand
3. Producer Behavior and Supply
B. Statistics for Economics
4. Introduction
5. Collection, Organisation, and Presentation of Data
6. Statistical Tools and Interpretation
C. Indian Economic Development
7. Development Experience and Economic Reforms Since 1991
8. Current Challenges Facing the Indian Economy
9. Development Experience of India – A Comparison with Neighbour (OTBA)

11. Fine Arts

Fine art is a drawing-based subject in which you will study Indian fine arts history, sculpture, painting, designing, and many more. Those who have an interest in sketching and painting can take these subjects.

1. Pre-Historic Rock Paintings and Art of Indus Valley
2. Buddhist, Jain, and Hindu Art
3. Temple Sculpture, Bronzes, and Artistic Aspects of Indo-Islamic Architecture

12. Physical Education

Physical Education is an optional arts subject in class 11th. This subject provides knowledge in developing physical skills and confidence in life. You will also learn about yoga, sports training, lifestyle, physiology, and many more.

1. Changing Trends & Career in Physical Education
2. Olympic Movement
3. Physical Fitness, Wellness & Lifestyle
4. Physical Education & Sports for Differently Abled
5. Yoga
6. Physical Activity & Leadership Training
7. Test, Measurement & Evaluation
8. Fundamental of Anatomy & Physiology
9. Kinesiology, Biomechanics & Sports
10. Psychology & Sports
11. Training in Sports
12. Doping

13. Fashion Studies

Fashion Studies is an optional subject in class 11th which provides knowledge in fashion designing. The majority of girls students can take this subject. It deals with the study clothes we wear and beauty products.

1. Overview of Fashion
2. Introduction to Fabrics, Dyeing & Printing
3. Design Fundamentals
4. Materials Tools and Processes of Product Making

14. Mass Media Studies

Mass Media Studies is also an optional subject in class 11th. It is a study of Journalism and mass communication. You will know about the aspects of Mass Media.

1. Communication
2. Understanding Media
3. Print Media
4. Media, Development and Society
5. Advertising

15. Entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurship is a subject in which you will get to know the different aspects of businesses. It is an optional subject.

1. Entrepreneurship: Concept and Functions
2. An Entrepreneur
3. Entrepreneur Journey
4. Entrepreneurship as Innovation and Problem Solving
5. Concept of Market
6. Business Finance and Artimetics
7. Resource Mobilization

16. Legal Studies

Legal study is an optional subject in class 11th. It is a subject of law and regulation. Those who have an interest in the field of law can take these subjects in your 11th. You will learn about the Indian Legal System, Types of Courts, Law, and many more.

1. Theory and Nature of Political Institutions
2. Nature and Sources of Law
3. Historical Evolution of the Indian Legal System
4. Judiciary: Constitutional, Civil and Criminal Courts and Processes
5. Family Justice System

17. Public Administration

You will get to know how government policies and regulations are working in the field. Those who want to go for civil services can take these subjects in class 11th. It can give you a basic idea about civil services. Public Administration is an optional arts subject in class 11th.

1. Introduction to Public Administration
2. Administrative Theory
3. Indian Administration
4. Public Policy and Governance

18. Home Science

Home science is a study of all aspects of the home like home decoration, home environment, family, family nutrition, home management, child development, and many more about home. It is also an optional arts subject in class 11th.

1. Concept of Home Science and Its Scope
2. Human Development: Life Span Approach (Part 1)
3. Food, Nutrition, Health and Fitness
4. Family, Community, and Resources
5. Fabric and Apparel
6. Community Development and Extension (Part 1)

19. English

English is a subject in which you will learn about literature and grammar. You will also study how to improve communication skills in the English language. Basic overview/section of English subject in class 11th.

1. Reading Skills
2. Writing Skills and Grammar
3. Literacy and Long Reading Texts
4. Speaking and Listening Skills

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How many subjects are compulsory in the arts stream?

1. History
2. Geography
3. Political Science
4. English

How many subjects are in arts 11th class?

There are four mandatory subjects and two optional subjects in class 11th arts stream.

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