Report Writing on Bank Robbery

Are you searching for a sample of report writing on bank robbery? If yes, then don’t worry because, In this post, I will share a short and simple about how to write a report on bank robbery. This bank robbery report is valid for all classes. In this report, you can include your details such as your name, bank name, branch address, etc.

So without any delay, let’s move toward report writing on bank robbery in 100 to 150 words.

report writing on bank robbery

Write a Report on Bank Robbery

Topic:- Write a Report on Bank Robbery in 100 to 150 words.

Reported By “Your Name”

A hazardous bank robbery took place in HDFC Bank of (location name) branch at around 3 pm yesterday. According to a bank clerk, it was a normal day when a group of 3 robbers who had already come to the bank as normal customers, suddenly took out a gun and fired a round, which spread fear among all the people. After that, a robber locked the main gate of the bank and took the guard in his possession, and the second robber took the bank manager at their gunpoint and went to the bank’s locker and started keeping all the cash in his bag. And the last robber called everyone to one place and ordered everyone to keep the peace. After filling Rs 30 lakh in the bag, the three robbers escaped from the bank. Finally, the police came and started investigating the whole matter.

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