Report Writing on Environment Day Celebration in School

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report writing on environment day celebration

Write a Report on Environment Day Celebration in School

Topic:- Write a report on the celebration of World Environment Day in 300 words.

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On this Sunday 5th, June 20XX, our school organized an awareness program on the occasion of World Environment Day. All the students and faculty members have participated with full energy in this program. Our Principal and Vice-Principal, Sir were also present at the program. The objective of this program is to spread awareness among people about saving our environment from various types of pollution and to plant more and more trees to make our mother earth full of greenery. Our program started with prayer at 8:30 am. All the students were given one sapling by the school sports department, which was to be planted all around the campus. After the start of the program, all the students started planting their saplings around the campus, as well as all the teachers also helped the students with planting. There were also some groups of students who were also engaged in cleaning the school campus. The gardener of our school used to roam the entire campus and was also making sure that all the students did the planting properly or not. After the plantation program was over, all the students were sent to the school auditorium. In the auditorium, the principal sir of our school gave a very good and well-researched speech about how the condition of our environment today and why we need to be aware. He also tells us what steps we should take immediately so that we can make our environment healthy. In the end, he took a promise to all the students that no one will pollute the environment and will not allow anyone to do so.

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  2. Thanks a lot. More formats such as vanamahostava day, visit to garden, cleanliness programme, waste management programme


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