Report Writing on Fire Accident in a Building

Are you looking for a sample report writing on fire accident? If yes, then you are at the right place. In this blog, I will provide a sample of how to write a report on fire accident. You can change some details like timing, and location. This sample fire accident report is valid for all classes students.

So, without any further delay. Let’s move toward report writing on fire accident.

report writing on fire accident

Write a Report on Fire Accident

Topic:- Write a Report on Fire Accident that you have Witnessed in a Building.

Reported By “Your Name”

Earlier on Sunday at 3:30 pm, when I was going to the market from my house, I saw that a building was burning badly and a large number of people were extinguishing the fire in that building with the help of water. According to the information, there were a total of 5 floors in the building and the fire was started on the ground floor of the building. Immediately after the fire, the people present informed the fire department, and within 15 minutes of giving information, 2 fire tenders reached the accident spot. On arrival, the fire brigade started their rescue mission and started rescuing the people trapped inside the building. It is being told through media reports that there were a total of 213 people in the entire building, from whom the majority of the people got out immediately after the fire. While a total of 20 people were badly burnt and 5 people died. Fortunately, the fire could not reach the upper floors and after 4 hours of hard work, the fire was brought under control. After that, a proper investigation was also done by a team of police and forensic departments, and later it was told that the cause of the fire was an electrical short circuit.

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