Worksheet for Nursery Class (All Subjects)

As much as it is important to know the nursery syllabus, it is equally important to know which worksheets should be taught in the nursery class so that their development can be done well.

Educated people among you must be aware that initially only basic things are taught in nursery and there are not many subjects in nursery class. In the initial phase, along with children going to school, parents themselves also have to work hard for the education of their children.

To those parents and teachers who are searching for nursery class worksheets, I want to say that you are in the right place. In this post, you can check out nursery worksheets for the majority of subjects and areas. So feel free and enjoy checking out nursery class worksheet one by one.

English Worksheet for Nursery

1. First of all, it is important to tell all the children about how all the letters of the English alphabet look like. Once children understand a little about A to Z, try practising writing the alphabet one by one from A to Z. Given below is an A to Z alphabet practice writing English worksheet for nursery class children. Children have to try to write the same letter in the black box as shown in the opposite box.

Nursery Worksheet English

2. A great way for all children in nursery class to memorize each alphabet is by providing them with worksheet exercises around each English letter. By practising worksheets, it happens that gradually children start remembering each letter of English or they also start understanding which letter is written first or which is written later. Below is a simple English worksheet that nursery class children can practice to help memorize the letters.

3. Parents and teachers should teach their children to pronounce letters from A to Z by speaking out a little loud every day. By saying the letters out loud, kids memorize the alphabet orally. Once children have learned the letters of the alphabet orally, parents should keep them practising daily. You can see below each English alphabet from A to Z.

4. Once the kids understand which word is called by which letter and what it looks like, give them simple practice worksheets so that they can connect daily life items to the letters of the English alphabet. Given below is a similar simple English matching worksheet for nursery students which you can use to help your nursery children practice.

5. After completing all the above worksheets, when the nursery class students have memorized all the English alphabet, they should be given a practice worksheet in which they can write the letters on their own without looking at any letters. A similar worksheet is given below which has boxes from A to Z with letters missing in between which the children have to complete.

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Maths Worksheet for Nursery

1. Among all the subject types, mathematics is also an important subject, which is taught to children at an early age. Maths is a subject that deals with numbers and their various uses. First, nursery students need to learn what maths numbers look like. That is why in the starting phase, children are given such a worksheet so that they can understand how numbers appear. Below you have been provided a simple maths worksheet in which numbers from 1 to 20 are written.

2. When the children of nursery class start remembering the numbers by seeing them many times, they should learn to say each number in word form like in word form 1 is called one, in word form 2 is called two and many more numbers in their respective terms. Keeping this in mind, a worksheet is given below in which what the numbers from 1 to 10 are called in words is written. You have to make your children memorize each number verbally.

3. When children remember math numbers well, they should be given worksheets with simple math calculations in which the numbers are shown. What happens with this is that they learn to count numbers and also understand the difference between numbers. A similar simple math calculation worksheet is given in which children have to count the objects on the left side and whatever is the counted result, children have to find that number in the box given on the parallel right side and circle that number.

4. Once they know about numbers and understand the counting concepts, give them some worksheets which require children to use their mental power by counting and writing the numbers. To make your work easier, I have provided a worksheet below that will meet your needs. In this worksheet, children have to find similar-looking objects and count them and after counting write the number in the box given below that represents the corresponding object.

5. When nursery class children remember the numbers well or can write the numbers themselves, they should be given a worksheet in which they can write the numbers in order so that their ability to remember the numbers becomes stronger. You will be looking at a similar worksheet in which your children will have to write down their missing numbers.

Hindi Worksheet for Nursery

1. Just as English is taught to nursery children, Hindi is also taught in the same way. First of all, it is taught how Hindi letters look like and according to which series they are written. In the beginning, children should be given basic type worksheets so that they can at least learn to recognize letters. A basic worksheet is given below in which children have to match the same looking Hindi alphabet.

2. When nursery students start recognizing the Hindi alphabet and differentiating one letter from another, then they should practice writing Hindi letters. What happens with writing practice is that students’ ability to remember letters increases. Just like that, I have provided a simple Hindi worksheet for nursery class below.

3. Once the kids understand or remember all the Hindi letters, they should be given a worksheet like this in which they can learn to write the letters on their own without any help. These worksheets help nursery class students to remember all the Hindi alphabets from beginning to end. You can see a worksheet below in which children have to write the missing Hindi letters.

EVS Worksheet for Nursery

1. EVS stand for Environmental Science and this subject is taught so that everyone can understand the things left in the environment. The image given below is a nursery EVS worksheet in which nursery students have to match the fruits according to the respective colours.

2. In EVS subject, children understand different types of things and also get a chance to memorize them. Practice worksheets are also created around the same to teach children how to learn different types of items in a fun way. Here is a nursery EVS worksheet where you have to teach your children verbally what the words look like and how they are spelt.

Coloring Drawing Worksheet for Nursery

Drawing worksheets help nursery students to enhance their thinking abilities and develop creativity. By practicing coloring in worksheets, children learn to use colors in different combinations. There is a coloring based worksheet below which students can do to test your creativity.

Matching Worksheet for Nursery

This is a simple matching worksheet for nursery class children who are well familiar with the letters of the English alphabet in small and capital letters. This is a practice matching worksheet that helps students of every nursery class.

Shapes Worksheet for Nursery

Shape is such a thing which looks easy but children have great difficulty remembering it. It is a game of repetition in which nursery children memorize the shapes with a lot of practice. Below are some shapes which you can make your children practice.

Body Parts Worksheet for Nursery

Tall Short Worksheet for Nursery

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