Write a Notice on Quiz Competition in School (2024 Guide)

Are you finding the format for how to write a notice on a quiz competition in school? If yes, then don’t worry because, in this blog post, I will share some examples of notice writing on quiz competitions. These samples notice is valid for all classes. You can also modify the school name, date, student name, etc.

So without any further delay, let’s move toward notice on the quiz competition.

notice on quiz competition

Notice Writing on Quiz Competition

Question 1:- You are Naman/Namita the cultural secretary of St. Xavier’s School Doranda, Ranchi. Your school has going to organise a Quiz competition for classes VI to X on 3rd April, 20XX. Write a notice on the school notice board inviting students who are interested to participate.

St. Xavier’s School Doranda, Ranchi


Date:- 28th March, 20XX

Subject:- Quiz Competition.

All the students from classes VI to X of our school are hereby notified that our school held a Quiz competition on 3rd April, 20XX in the school seminar hall. All the students of each class who are eligible to participate are competing with their respective sections. So, students who are interested to participate are requested to submit their names to their respective class teachers.


Cultural Secretary

Question 2:- Your school is going to organise an inter-school quiz competition on the school playground. Write a notice on the school notice board inviting the school to present in the competition. You are Tushar/Tanisha Head Boy/Head Girl of Adarsh Shiksha Niketan School, New Delhi.

Adarsh Shiksha Niketan School, New Delhi


Date:- 11th July, 20XX

Title:- Inter-School Quiz Competition.

An inter-school quiz competition is going to be organised in our school playground on 15th July, 20XX. More than 10 schools from our district are participating in this competition. For this quiz competition, 8 students have been selected from our school. All the students are invited to present in the competition and make it successful.


Head Boy

Question 3:- You are Suman/Shubam of ABC Public School, Aurangabad. Your school has organized an online quiz contest on the occasion of National Science Day. Write a notice in not more than 50 words inviting students to participate in it.

ABC Public School, Aurangabad


Date:- 22nd February, 20XX

Topic:- Online Quiz Contest.

Our school is organizing an online quiz contest on the occasion of National Science on Day 28th February, 20XX in the school auditorium. Students are hereby invited to watch the competition and encourage the participants. For more details, contact their respective class teachers.


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