Write a Report on Republic Day Celebration (4+ Samples)

Are you browsing about how to write a report on Republic Day celebration? If yes then this report writing is for you because, In this post, I will share more than 4 sample reports on Republic Day celebration in college or school. You can check out all the samples and write according to your requirements. Also, you can include your college or school details.

This sample report writing is valid for all the classes. So without further delay, let’s move toward samples of report writing on the republic day celebration one by one.

1. Report Writing on Republic Day Celebration in School

Topic: Write a Report on Republic Day Celebration in your College or School.

Reported By “Your Name”

Like every year, this year, all the students and faculty members of our XYZ School/College organized a grand program on the occasion of this Republic Day. Everyone was feeling very happy that day because it was a matter of great pride for all of us because on 26 January 1950, the constitution of India came into force and our country, India became a republic. The program started with prayer at 8:00 am. After that, a parade and flag hoisting took place on the college/school grounds as usual. The Principal of our college/school hoisted the national flag and gave a motivational speech on the topic “Youth Power”.  This was followed by some speeches on patriotism and the singing of the national anthem. Many students also did different types of programs. On that day the campus of our college/school was decorated by the students with charts, models, slogans, and poems. Pictures that depict the development of India from independence. All the students were dressed in traditional costumes representing different parts of India. In the end, the program was concluded by distributing sweet boxes to all the students.

2. Report Writing on Republic Day

Topic: Write a report on the Republic Day Celebration in your school about 150 words.

Reported by “Rahul Kumar”

On the auspicious occasion of the 74th Republic Day, our school celebrated the Republic Day program with much pomp and joy. The entire school was decorated with our national colourful flags and balloons on this day. Police officers from the nearby police station were invited as chief guests in the program. The program started by hoisting the national flag and singing the national anthem. Then one by one various cultural programs were presented by the students. First, a group of girls presented a beautiful dance in which all of them wore identical outfits representing the flag of our country. After this, the children of the junior class recited a poem on patriotism, after which everyone became very happy and clapped a lot. About three more performances took place, after which our Principal Sir gave an inspirational speech on Republic Day. Then prizes were distributed to the students by the guests and the program came to an end.

3. Republic Day Report Writing

Topic: Write a report on Republic Day celebration in your college.

Reported by “Prasant Kishor”

Like every year, this year Republic Day was celebrated with much pomp and joy in our college. On this day the entire college campus was thoroughly cleaned and decorated due to which the campus looked very attractive. All students, teachers, and staff were invited to the Republic Day programme. College Secretary Shri Raghuram Prasad was present as the chief guest in the program. The program started at 7 am with the lighting of the lamp and college morning prayer. The chief guest, the principal and all the teachers sitting on the stage were presented with a rose flower and the national flag one by one by the students. A lot of programs were organized by the students on the ground in front of the stage in which students performed dance, a patriotic emotional drama scene was presented on Independence Day and many more. Everyone was very excited to see the performance and everyone clapped several times during the performance. After the performance, our Principal Sir came on stage and wished everyone a happy Republic Day and gave a long speech in which he described the entire incident of how the Constitution was written and implemented after independence. At the end, everyone sang the national anthem and the program ended happily by giving a box of sweets to everyone.

4. Republic Day Celebration in School Report Writing

Topic: Report on Republic Day celebration in School.

Reported by “Gurpeet Singh”

Our ABC Public School celebrated Republic Day with great enthusiasm and joy on 26 January this year. It is the day when India marks and celebrates the date on which the Constitution of India came into force on 26 January 1950. On this prestigious occasion, the entire school premises was thoroughly cleaned and the ground was also marked with appropriate lime for the Republic Day Parade. The program started at 7:30 am with morning prayers and national anthem. After the prayers, the Republic Day Parade was organized in which more than 100 students including NCC and general students participated. The parade lasted for about 30 minutes and was very spectacular. After the parade was over, a lot of performances were done by the students one by one. A group of 8 female students gave a beautiful presentation of the Bharatanatyam dance. Then some Trianade boys showed a lot of tricks and move in Karate and Taekwondo, which everyone was stunned to see. A beautiful poem was also recited by the children, listening to which everyone became very happy and clapped a lot. Our Principal Madam was requested to speak a few lines on the mic on this prestigious day. She came and gave an energetic and motivational speech addressing the students on how they can make their goals bigger and achieve them by working hard. Finally, she wishes everyone a happy Republic Day and the program ends.

5. Republic Day Celebration Report Writing

Topic: Write a report describing the Republic Day celebration in your town.

Reported by “Shiv Mahajan”

A celebration program was organized in our Town Hall on the occasion of Republic Day. Many people in our city participated in this celebration program. The Town Hall was decorated with flowers and the Indian flag. The program started by unfurling the national flag and singing the national anthem. A group of 5 people from our city sing a patriotic song named “Aye Mere Watan Ke Logo” in a very melodious voice. Many people became very emotional after listening to the song and some even had tears in their eyes. On Republic Day, one by one, some people give short speeches and share their thoughts on how we can contribute to the betterment of society. Everyone also promised that everyone would plant one tree every month this year. Food and drink arrangements were also made for everyone in the Town Hall so that everyone could have breakfast in the Town Hall. Everyone had breakfast and wished each other a happy Republic Day.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How to write the report of the celebration of Republic day?

First of all, you have to know all the information about the Republic Day celebration program. Once you know every detail, write down every event from beginning to end.

How do you write a report on Republic day in school?

You should know the format of report writing in order to write a report. Write all the moments of celebration step by step from beginning to end in simple language.

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