Write a Report on Train Accident (Simple 2023 Guide)

Are you browsing about how to write a report on train accident? If yes then this blog post is for you because In this post I will share a sample report on train accident in 200 words. You can check out this example of report writing on a train accident. Also, you can change the train name and route based on your preference.

This sample report writing is valid for all the classes. So without further delay, let’s move toward a report writing on a train accident.

report on train accident
train accident

Report Writing on Train Accident

Topic:- Write a Report on a Train Accident that you have Witnessed.

Reported By “Your Name”

A serious train accident took place at 11 am in DD-MM-YY, about 10 km from Patna Junction in the state of Bihar. A train named Kolkata Rajdhani had a total of 13 coaches who were coming from Delhi and en route from Patna Junction to Kolkata, but the train derailed 10 km after Patna. Out of 13 bogies, the last 4 bogies were completely overturned. Fortunately, the speed of the train was not high, due to which not a single passenger died, but unfortunately, more than 100 passengers were seriously injured. Within 10 minutes of the accident, officials from the police station and fire department reached the accident spot and started the rescue work. Local residents also helped a lot in the rescue work and took the injured passengers to the ambulance. After some time, a team reached out to investigate the whole accident. As far as I heard that the investigation Team told the media people that this accident happened due to some lack of maintenance of the track. The political leaders of Patna assured everyone that if this accident happened due to the negligence of any railway worker, then he would be given the harshest punishment under the law.

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