Write a Report on Seminar on Water Conservation

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report writing on water conservation

Report Writing on Water Conservation Seminar

Topic:- Report Writing on Seminar on Water Conservation in 200 words.

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This year, on the occasion of World Water Day on 22nd March, our school organized a seminar on water conservation along with some social organizations in the seminar hall of our school. All the students and teachers were also sent invitations to attend this seminar. Many environmentalists also participated in this program. The seminar began at 10 in the morning. Water scarcity has become a big problem today; if it is not taken care of in time, it will become a threat in the future. Understanding the scarcity and importance of water, many people have started conserving water. Moreover, many environmentalists have also said that rainwater is a gift from God. We should harvest it so that it can be utilized in other seasonal months. And they also tell us that we can use water for many things, especially rainwater. Rainwater may be used for toilets, washing clothes, cleaning floors, watering plants and vehicles, etc. Similarly, one after the other, many environmentalists gave their valuable talks on water conservation Also, they requested all the students present there not to waste much water and try to save every single drop of water. Simultaneously, some students also gave speeches on water conservation. In the end, the principal sir thanked everyone for participating in this program.

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