Best ITI Courses for Government Jobs (Detailed Guide)

Due to the various benefits of government jobs, many students want to get government jobs after successfully completing their studies. Are you one of those students who want to get placed in the government sector after completing short-term skill-based courses like ITI? If yes, and for that, you are looking for the best ITI trades, after completing which you can get a government job then I would like to tell you that you visited the right site.

In this article, I will discuss the best ITI trades list that are government jobs oriented and are popular in their category. I hope you already know that ITI courses are short-term in duration and mainly focus on practical learning so that one can understand all the concepts of their respective trade completely & clearly and become fully skilled in their domain after successfully completing the ITI trade.

Generally, most students prefer to pursue ITI courses after 10th because the minimum educational qualification required for most of the ITI trade is 10th pass. Although, all the ITI courses are skill-oriented but from few of them are demanded in the government sector that provides employment opportunities in the Railways department, Electricity department, Government administration, and several other government departments.

One thing I want to make clear is that generally, ITI courses offer a basic level of study in the respective trade. If you have an interest in any particular field and want to make your career in that field by pursuing higher studies in that respective domain then also you can view the ITI courses as the entry course or first ladder toward your long learning path.

Without any further delay let’s describe the best ITI courses for government jobs one by one.

Best ITI Trade for Government Jobs

Course NameDurationJob Salary (Per Month)
ITI Fitter2 Years₹10,000 to ₹20,000
ITI Electrician2 Years₹12,000 to ₹18,000
ITI Machinist2 Years₹15,000 to ₹20,000
ITI Stenographer1 Year₹12,000 to ₹15,000
ITI Draughtsman Civil2 Years₹10,000 to ₹15,000
ITI Surveyor1 Year₹10,000 to ₹15,000
ITI Plumber1 Year₹12,000 to ₹18,000
ITI Wireman1 Year₹10,000 to ₹15,000
ITI Welder2 Years₹10,000 to ₹15,000

ITI Fitter

ITI fitter is a sub-branch of mechanical in which students are taught about the fundamentals of various types of fittings such as pipe fitting, structure fitting, machine fitting, etc. It is a 2 years certificate level course in which you can enrol after passing 10th standard from a recognized board of education. ITI fitter is considered one of the popular trades in ITI. Due to its demand many ITI colleges both government and private offer this trade to students.

From a job perspective, it is also a good course to study. Many companies in the government as well as in the private sector release vacancies for ITI fitter pass-out students. The chances of getting a government job after qualifying ITI fitter course are higher as compared to other ITI courses. So, if you want to be a mechanical guy then feel free to get into this course.

ITI Electrician

ITI electrician is a 2-year popular trade in ITI which deals with the study of assembling, installing, repairing, wiring and maintaining electrical appliances or devices. During the study of this course, you will learn about various terms such as electricity, current, electric circuit, types of measuring meters, metals used in circuits, resistors, capacitors, transistors, and many more.

The majority of the ITI colleges across the country offer ITI electrician courses because in general Electrician is one of the popular and demanded trades among students. Also the job opportunities for an electrician in the government sector are increasing with time. After completing the ITI electrician course, you can get a chance to get into the government electricity department of the central government or state government.

ITI Machinist

ITI machinist is also considered a sub-branch of mechanical because machinists also deal with machines and various mechanical fundamentals. It is a 2 years skill-based course in which students are taught about machine parts, tools, equipment, assembling, disassembling, and maintaining different types of industrial machines.

You can consider doing this course if have an interest in machines and want to become a mechanical engineer in future. You can also find good job opportunities after qualifying for the ITI machinist course. ITI machinist trade is spread all over the country through the network of government and private ITIs.

ITI Stenographer

If you are a tech guy and you can do typing as well then ITI steno is a good course for you in both knowledge and job perspective. ITI stenographer is a popular short-term course among students having a duration of one year. Most of the studies you will learn in this course by doing practical training. Basically, the work of a stenographer is to type and take dictation in shorthand and transcribe it into coded languages accurately. You can also be called a stenographer as an assistant.

Stenographer is a growing job profile and its future job scope also seems bright. You can easily find a job as a stenographer in both government and private sectors. There are mainly two types of steno courses offered in ITI i.e. ITI stenographer for English languages and ITI stenographer for Hindi languages. You can choose one based on your convenience and comfort.

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ITI Draughtsman Civil

ITI Draughtsman Civil is a 2 years construction course in which students learn about technical drawing, plan section, the layout of drawing, structure making, dimensioning, geometrical figures, projections, the foundation of construction, computer-aided drafting, concepts of design, and many terms that used in the study of construction. However, it is a basic-level course in which you get basic knowledge with the help of practical learning.

It is a skill-based course which is offered by some ITI colleges across the country. You can easily complete this course if you have any interest in the construction area. After completing this course you can find a job on a government project or you can work with a real estate developer.

ITI Surveyor

ITI surveyor is very similar trade to ITI draughtsman civil because they both fall under the construction category. The only difference between them is draughtsman civil work is to build a construction project and surveyor work is to inspect a building to ensure that it is structurally sound or examine and record the details of a piece of land. ITI surveyor is a popular trade among students because this trade offers job opportunities in the government sector.

It is a short-term course with having 1-year duration. The minimum educational qualification required to enrol in the surveyor ITI course is a 10th pass. If you want to get a job after completing a short-duration course then you can prioritize this course.

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ITI Plumber

I hope you have got an idea from the name that what is this course about, yes you are absolutely thinking right. It is a plumber course which deals with the study of water pipes, machinery and equipment related to water. In this course, you will study pipes, fitting of pipes, handling of pipes, materials used to make pipes, types of pipes, water generators, water turbines, water pumps, and water-related machinery.

It is a one-year course in which you will get both practical as well as theoretical knowledge. It is a good course from a job point of view as it offers employment opportunities in the private and government sectors.

ITI Welder

ITI welding is one of the popular and demanded trades among students. A lot of students do this course every year. ITI welder trade is offered in most ITI colleges all over the country. It is one of the best short-term courses that consists of only one year of duration. ITI welder course provides studies about welding, types of welding, uses of welding, and materials used in welding.

It is a job-oriented course having a lot of job opportunities after completing the course. You can easily get a job in the manufacturing industry as an electric welder, gas welder, arc welder, pipe welder, or fabricator.

ITI Wireman

ITI wireman is a similar trade to ITI electrician because both deal with electricity. ITI Wireman is a 2-year duration course which offers studies in electric wiring, electric current, circuit making using wires and devices, safety and precaution while installing wiring, etc. The advantage of doing an ITI wireman course is that most of the knowledge you gain by doing practical training.

You can complete the ITI wireman course from any ITI college that offers this trade to students. The job scope of this course is also good in every type of industry because wireman is such as profession that is required in every industry.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Which ITI course is best for a government job?

Fitter, Electrician, Stenographer, Machinist, and Wireman are some of the trades through which you can get a government job.

Which ITI course is best for girls?

ITI fashion designing, ITI dressmaking, ITI secretarial, and ITI COPA are some of the best courses for girl candidates.

Which ITI course is in demand?

ITI Fitter and ITI Electrician are the demanded courses in ITI.

Which ITI course is best for a high salary?

COPA, Electrician, Stenographer, and Fashion Designing are some of the trades that offer high-salary jobs after successfully completing the course.

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