Write a Report on a Road Accident (Complete 2023 Guide)

Are you looking for how to write a report on a road accident? If yes, then this post is for you. In this post, I will provide a sample report on a road accident. You can go through this sample road accident report writing and write it as per your description.

Let’s move toward the sample report writing in a road accident within 200 words.

report on a road accident
report writing on a road accident

Report Writing on Road Accident

Topic:- Report on a Road Accident that you Have Witnessed Yesterday.

Reported By “Your Name”

A serious road accident has been occurred on National Highway XX in “Place Name” at about 2:30 pm. A bus having vehicle number AA-00A-20XX contained a total of 12 people along with a driver seriously collided with a lorry having vehicle number BB-00B-20XX. The accident happened when the lorry was trying to overtake the bus. 2 passengers sitting in the front seat of the bus died on the spot. Within minutes, a large number of people gather at the accident site. More than 5 ambulances also came to the rescue. The driver, along with 9 passengers was seriously injured and was taken to a nearby city hospital. The lorry driver managed to escape from the place. Locals called the police and the police arrived within 5 minutes. Police officers control the environment and remove people from the street. So as not to block the road. A special team arrives and starts investigating the case.

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