Write a Report on a Road Accident (10+ Report Writings)

We all unfortunately sometimes see a road accident in our life or hear the news of a road accident through someone. This is a very bad incident for everyone, especially for the victim and his family. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), about 1.3 million people lose their lives every year due to road traffic accidents.

Have you also seen any road accident or its aftermath? If yes, and you want to capture that event or time frame through report writing but the problem is that you do not know how to write report writing well. So for your convenience, you can check out more than 10 report writing samples in this blog post and write as per your report.

So without any delay let’s read road accident report writing one by one.

1. Report Writing on Road Accident

Topic:- Report on a Road Accident that you witnessed yesterday.

Reported By “Your Name”

A serious road accident occurred on National Highway XX in “Place Name” at about 2:30 p.m. A bus having vehicle number AA-00A-20XX contained a total of 12 people along with a driver seriously collided with a lorry having vehicle number BB-00B-20XX. The accident happened when the lorry was trying to overtake the bus. 2 passengers sitting in the front seat of the bus died on the spot. Within minutes, a large number of people gathered at the accident site. More than 5 ambulances also came to the rescue. The driver, along with 9 passengers was seriously injured and was taken to a nearby city hospital. The lorry driver managed to escape from the place. Locals called the police and the police arrived within 5 minutes. Police officers control the environment and remove people from the street. So as not to block the road. A special team arrives and starts investigating the case.

2. Road Accident Report Writing

Topic: You have witnessed a serious road accident. Write a newspaper report on that road accident.

Reported By Rajesh Sahu

It was the day of 12th December, when I left my house for the office on my bike at 9 am, then as soon as I went some distance, I saw a live accident happening with my own eyes. The accident happened between a bus and a car. The accident scene is like that a car coming from the opposite side collided head-on with the bus coming from the right side.

The collision was so strong that the front portion of the car was completely crushed and due to this the two people sitting in the car died instantly on the spot. The car was a Suzuki company model Nexa series car with car number AB01C2345 and the bus was a local city bus operated by a local transporter with bus number CD06E7890.

There were a total of 26 people on the bus, in which two people were sitting in the front along with the driver and the rest were sitting in the seats of the bus. The car directly hit the left side of the bus from the front, due to which two people sitting in front also died on the spot and the driver was seriously injured. And all the other people who were on the bus also got serious injuries.

Immediately after the accident, local people started doing rescue, I also helped in the rescue. The police reached there within 10 minutes of the accident and the ambulance also reached within 15 minutes. With everyone’s help, all the injured were put in the ambulance and sent to the hospital.

After the rescue, the police sealed the accident car and bus and got the road cleared so that the vehicles passing through there did not face any problems. The police also formed a team of 5 people from their department who could properly investigate this accident and at the same time, the family members of all the dead and injured were informed to reach the respective hospital as soon as possible.

3. Write a Report on Road Accident in 150 Words

Topic: You have witnessed a road accident while coming to the school. Draft a report writing about road accident for class 9.

Reported By Sunil Singh

It was around 8 o’clock in the morning on Monday, November 6, when I left my house to go to school. After walking about 500 meters, I saw a terrible accident happening on the main road in which a bike and a car were involved. I want to clarify that I walk to my school from my house because my school is only 1.5 km away from my house. A collision between a car and a bike took place at a road junction in which both vehicles suffered significant damage. The happy thing is that no one died in this accident. It is true that the bike rider and the car rider have been injured. Both were taken to the hospital with the help of local people. And as far as whose fault it was, according to me, it was the fault of both the people because they were not aware while driving and due to which they came from different roads and went to collide at the junction.

4. Road Accident Report Writing Format

Topic: You have witnessed an accident in your locality. Write a report for a newspaper about the road accident.

Reported By Sidharth Gupta

It was a sunny day on 5th November when I came to know from a neighbour that a major accident had happened in our locality. When I reached the spot, I saw that two cars had collided and both the cars were badly damaged. Immediately after the incident, police and ambulance reached there and started the rescue operation.

The accident was so bad that the victims had to get out by cutting off many parts of the car. In this tragic accident, the drivers of both cars died while being taken to the hospital and those sitting in the back seat got seriously injured. One vehicle whose number was AB01A1111 was from our local area and the other vehicle whose number was AB09B2222 was from the “NAME” district.

The accident happened around 2 pm and within an hour i.e. before 3 pm, the rescue operation was successfully completed and the damaged vehicle was removed from the road and taken to the police station for investigation. The CCTV installed there revealed that the accident happened during a turn when car A was turning from one direction to another, at the same time car B was coming from the other direction at high speed and as a result, both of them collided with each other. The police have taken out the contact details of the victim’s family and informed them.

5. Write a Report on a Road Accident within 100 Words

Topic: You have witnessed a serious road accident recently in your locality. Write a report writing on road accident for class 10 students.

Reported By Prithvi Shaw

An accident took place in our locality at around 10 am yesterday in which a car collided with an electric pole. In this accident, a person sitting in the front seat along with the driver suffered minor injuries, too because neither of them was not wearing a seat belt. All the people sitting behind in the car are safe and have not suffered any injuries. The front portion of the car was significantly damaged in this accident. When the driver was asked why his car hit the pillar, he said that he swerved the car slightly to save a dog, which resulted in the car hitting the front pillar.

6. Report Writing on Accident

Topic: Write a road accident report writing in English that you witnessed.

Reported By Sudhir Chaudhary

Yesterday on 10th January at 1 pm I saw a horrific accident happening on the over bridge connecting A to B of our city. The accident was of a mini truck which collided with the divider of the overbridge. The number of the mini truck is CD01AB2345. The front part of the truck was badly damaged, due to which the driver got trapped inside the truck, and was taken out by cutting the door of the truck with the help of a cutter.

There was no loss of life in this accident but the truck driver suffered serious injuries. Soon the ambulance or police reached the site and the truck driver was taken out of the truck and then transferred to an ambulance and then sent to the hospital.

Due to the accident, all the goods in the truck got scattered on the road due to which the road was blocked and there was a traffic jam. With the help of local people, the police removed all the items lying on the road and got the road cleared, due to which the jam was cleared. After this, with the help of a crane, the police lifted the mini truck and took it to the police station.

7. Write a Report on Road Accident in 300 Words

Topic: Write a newspaper report on a road accident that you are an eyewitness.

Reported By Rohit Sharma

It was the time of 1st January when I was going home from my office at 4 o’clock when a massive accident happened 100 meters ahead of my car. The accident happened in front of the ABC showroom on the National Highway, in which a truck was moving about 200 meters ahead of my car and an SUV came from behind at high speed and collided with the truck.

The collision was so strong that the truck overturned after the impact and the SUV was completely shattered. Immediately after the accident, a large number of local people came to the spot and started rescue work themselves and then informed the police as well as the ambulance to reach the accident site as soon as possible. In this accident, all 4 people sitting in the SUV car died on the spot as they were completely crushed and the driver or one person sitting in the truck was trapped when the truck overturned.

Within 10 minutes of informing, police and ambulance reached the accident site and started rescue. Police called a crane and a JCB to the accident site to lift the overturned truck. The bodies of 4 people were taken out with great difficulty from the crushed SUV car. After a lot of effort, the overturned truck was straightened and the driver and a person trapped in the truck were taken out.

All the dead and injured were put into ambulances and taken to the nearest hospital. With the help of cranes, the police removed the crashed vehicles from the road and dispersed the local crowd from the accident site. Police traced the contacts of all the victims and informed their families. Later, when the investigation report came, it was found that all the people sitting in the SUV were drunk, due to which they were driving the car very fast.

8. Report on Road Accident

Topic: Write a report about an bike accident which happened on the street road.

Reported By Faizal Riaz

Yesterday I was returning home from the market after buying some grocery items when a bike accident happened in front of me, this accident happened around 10 o’clock in the morning. There were a total of two people riding on the bike who were without helmets. As far as I believe, the bike got imbalanced due to a bad road and as a result, it crashed on the road. When the accident occurs, all the people nearby immediately come and pick up both the person and the bike and remove them from the road so that there is no traffic jam. The man sitting in the pavilion seat of the bike had a leg fracture and head injury, while the person driving the bike suffered minor injuries. As far as the condition of the bike was concerned, the bike was completely damaged from one side. The victims were immediately taken to a nearby hospital and treated.

9. Write a Report on Road Accident in 200 Words

Topic: Write a report on the road accident you have witnessed in about 200 words

Reported By Gurpreet Singh

It was 2 o’clock on Friday afternoon, when I came out of my coaching centre, I saw that there had been an accident on the road in front of my coaching centre. The name of my coaching centre is ABS coaching centre and it is on Main Mukherjee Nagar Road. There were a lot of local people present near the accident scene who were not doing anything but were just crowding around.

The accident was of a white-coloured Honda company car, which had overturned. When I asked people how this accident happened, they said that while trying to avoid a bike rider, the car lost its balance and overturned. The good thing is that the car driver came out through the window after the accident.

When the driver came out of the car, it was found that he had many injuries all over his body. Then the police arrived and started clearing the accident site from the people and also took the driver to the nearby hospital from her department vehicle. The police straightened the overturned car with the help of a rope and shifted it to the side of the road so that the road could be cleared.

10. Write a Report on Road Accident in 250 Words

Topic: You have witnessed an accident that took place yesterday between a car, bus, and bike while coming home. Write a report writing on road accident for class 12.

Reported By Rajeev Mishra

Yesterday, 22nd June, at 4 pm, when I was coming home from school, on the way I saw live a massive collision between a car, a bus and a bike. All three vehicles came at high speed from different directions and collided at the turning point of the road. The accident was so severe that the biker and all the 5 people in the car died on the spot.

A total of 30 people were sitting on the bus, out of which 6 people died because they were sitting in the adjacent row and the car and bike also collided with the bus on the same side. Immediately after the collision, a huge crowd of people gathered there and some people also informed the police and ambulance so that the rescue operation could start soon. Even before the police and ambulance arrived, the local people started taking out the people trapped in the bus.

Gradually people were rescued and by then the ambulance and police had arrived. All the injured and dead were taken out and sent to the government district hospital with the help of ambulances. Police removed all the crashed vehicles from the road with the help of cranes and jacks. Police also started an investigation to find out what was the reason for the accident and whose fault it was. The police thoroughly checked all the cameras installed nearby and found that it was the fault of the car and the bike as they were racing against each other.

11. Car Accident Report Writing

Topic: You are an eyewitness to a road accident between car and truck. Write a sample report writing on car accident.

Reported By Mohit Kumar

On the 2nd of February at 9 pm I saw a horrifying accident between a car and a truck. This accident happened on Highway No. 26 when a truck hit the divider and collided with a car. In this accident, the car was completely crushed and the front portion of the truck was also crushed and turned upside down. Unfortunately, no one could survive this accident. Due to this accident, the highway got completely jammed. Police arrived half an hour after the accident and inspected the site. Police took all the bodies to the hospital with the help of ambulances and got the accident vehicle cleared from the road.

road accident report writing

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do you write a road accident report?

Start your report with the proper date and timing. After that explain everything that you see live or listen to from some valid source. Please tell clearly how many people died and how many people were injured in road accidents. If possible, you can also tell the vehicle’s number.

What is the normal word limit for school students to write their road accident reports?

It is usually around 200 to 300 words.

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