Write a Report on Christmas Celebration (3+ Samples)

Are you looking for a sample report on how to write a report on Christmas day celebration in your school or college? If yes, then this sample report writing is for you. In this post, I will provide more than 3 samples of report writing on Christmas celebration. You can use these sample report writing in your homework. These report writing samples are valid for all class students.

So, let’s move toward report writing on the Christmas celebration.

1. Report Writing on Christmas Celebration

Topic:- Make a report on the Christmas celebration in our school in 200 words.

Reported By “Your Name”

This year on 23rd December, our school has organized a program to celebrate Christmas. The celebration was held in our school auditorium. The entire auditorium was beautifully decorated with flowers, festivals, lights, posters, and models. All the students and faculty members were very excited and full of enthusiasm for the celebration. Students come to school wearing school dresses. The ceremony began with prayer at 9:00 am. After that, various programs were organized one after the other. One of which was a performance where a group of class 6 students presented a beautiful play on the theme of Christmas. After that, a man disguised as Santa Claus comes with a bag containing several gifts. Santa Claus was roaming all over the auditorium giving presents to all the little children. Also, the song Jingle Bells was playing in the background. After that, a teacher named Adrian Johansson gave a detailed speech on why we celebrate Christmas. After all the programs were over, the principal sir came on stage and gave gifts to some students who had scored very well in the previous exam. Along with this, the principal sir wished everyone a very happy Christmas and also gave a short motivational speech.

2. Report on Christmas Celebration in School

Topic: Write a report on Christmas celebration in your school.

Reported by Abhishek Sahu

Christmas was celebrated with great pomp and show in our Prestigious School on 25th December this year. All the students decorated the entire school with lamps, toys, glitter and lights. The students cleaned all the trees and put lights and toys on them so that they all looked like Christmas trees. On this day, enthusiasm could be easily seen in the eyes of every student. The program started at 10 am with prayers and lighting of lamps by the respected principal and teachers. Everyone wishes each other good morning and a merry Christmas. Various types of programs were presented on the stage by the students one by one such as a beautiful dance presented by a group of girl students, the poem “Jungle Bell” was sung by the junior class students, and the carol songs presented by the students were also excellent. An amazing thing also happened during the program when a teacher came dressed as Santa Claus and distributed toffees to all the students with laughter and fun. After that, our Principal Sir came on stage and gave a wonderful speech in which he told how students can make their careers bright and achieve their goals. He also thanks every student who makes the school campus beautiful and attractive. In the end, a piece of cake is distributed to every student of the school on behalf of the Principal.

3. Report Writing on Christmas Day Celebration in College

Topic: Write a report on Christmas celebration.

Reported by Rajan Mahato

On the auspicious occasion of Christmas, a festive program has been organized by the college in the college auditorium. The auditorium is decorated with lights, Christmas trees and Christmas toys. All the students and teachers of the college were wearing new clothes. Slowly all the teachers and students sit at their respective seats in the auditorium. The program started at around 10:30 am with the lighting of lamps and the national anthem. Some of the students performing in the program were practising behind the auditorium stage. The performance started one by one, first, a group of students presented a drama scene in which they highlighted some social messages like light on darkness, the importance of education, raising awareness about the environment and many more. This was followed by a dance performance by the girl’s candidates. Then a student gave a speech on the topic “How technologies affect our lives in both positive and negative ways”. During all this, tea and snacks were being served to the students and teachers by the college staff members. After that Principal Sir came on stage and wished everyone a very happy Christmas and New Year. He also prayed to God for the well-being of each student and teacher. Many other programs also took place and the program ended at around 1 pm.

4. Report on Christmas Celebration

Topic: Write a Christmas celebration report.

Reported by Venkatesh Suman

This year Christmas Day was successfully celebrated with great joy and happiness in our society on 25th December. The program took place on our society premises. All the members of our Society were invited and the Society was decorated with lights and Christmas toys. Our society looked very beautiful and attractive on this day. The program started at around 6 in the evening when everyone arrived. Everyone at the event brought gifts for each other. Everyone gave each other the gifts they had brought with them and wished them a Merry Christmas. A stage was also built in the society premises and seating arrangements were also made for everyone. Some members danced to Bollywood songs which made everyone very excited and inspired to dance. After that, many members came on the stage and danced. Arrangements for food and drinks were also made in the program. Everyone had food and went to their homes. The program ended at 9 pm.

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